Guardians of Fashion server icon
Guardians of Fashion

Join us over at Guardians of Fashion (GOF), the largest modeling agency in the metaverse featuring 6,888 Avatar NFTs! Partnered with Warner Music and Yeah1 to discover the next virtual talents!

Guardians of Fashion 3,060 members Join
Yandere & Lolita Fashion server icon
Yandere & Lolita Fashion

We are the Yandere & Lolita server, join us and enjoy being part of our eccentric community especially for yanderes and people who like the Lolita fashion.

Yandere & Lolita Fashion 1,852 members Join
Futugo app server icon
Futugo app

Futugo App is an E-commerce platform (web 2.0), digital marketplace in the metaverse (web 3.0) and social network designed for luxury lovers. Futugo App is the world's first luxury fashion network suitable for the metaverse.

Futugo app 1,778 members Join
IconFashion server icon

IconFashion is the service for NFT collector and fashion lovers!

IconFashion 1,636 members Join
FASHION server icon

We are THE fashion server. Our goal is to become the #1 fashion server where people of all styles and ages can have a great time. Whether you bought a ton of Margiela or are someone just getting into it, this is for you.

FASHION 497 members Join
Independent Fashion server icon
Independent Fashion

do you like to wear clothing? do you like indie fashion such as lolita, goth or maybe vintage fashions like victorian or rockabilly? well this place is perfect for you, a friendly and supportive community all about aesthetics

Independent Fashion 255 members Join
GrimeySOL server icon

The Official Discord for the GrimeySOL NFT Community!

GrimeySOL 714 members Join
HYPE server icon

{{Fashion Discord}} 📌Discord with the main topic Fashion 📌Sneakerdrops 📌Fashiondrops 📌StockX search 📌Fashion talks and chats

HYPE 488 members Join
Tea for Two server icon
Tea for Two

Tea for Two is a 13+ server that focuses on ouji and lolita fashion but also welcomes fashion. It incorporates plus size resources, lifts up BIPOC voices, accommodates disabilities and neurodivergence, and strives for a welcoming community atmosphere.

Tea for Two 36 members Join
Alice Cat's Fashion Corner server icon
Alice Cat's Fashion Corner

Welcome to Alice Cat's Fashion Corner. This is a fashion related server for teens. Here you can chat about fashion, find useful tips, get inspiration, share your own outfits, join fun contests and many more!

Alice Cat's Fashion Corner 13 members Join
Joyfa server icon

Welcome to Joyfa's premium digital fashion community! Please introduce yourself and get to know the members :)

Joyfa 542 members Join
Dark Academia server icon
Dark Academia

Dark academia is a gothic and scholarly aesthetic and lifestyle dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. ✨Study together 📖 ✨, 🖤meet new friends ❤️ 😊fashion advice😊 intellectual discussion🤓 ✨friendly accepting community👯 LGBTQ+ and POC friendly 🌈✊🏾

Dark Academia 499 members Join
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