The Electronic Brothel …
25,719 members

A metaphorical representation of a modern day Brothel.

8,000 members

This server is for the RCRDSHP platform. RCRDSHP is a place to buy/sell digital collectible trading cards from your favorite EDM artists. Stop RENTING music on Spotify and start OWNING it on RCRDSHP, where artists gat paid fairly!

1,794 members

We're a discord server dedicated to the British genre of music known as Grime, pioneered by artists such as Wiley and Dizzee Rascal. Share music, production tips, or just have fun with memes/casual discussions!

2,694 members

ChillSynth began as a humble home for artists who make the music you hear on the Electronic Gems YouTube channel. It is now the de-facto genre name for what we, and even people outside our community, consider their music.

1,085 members

Setting the Tone for Innovation. LGBTQ+-positive Discord server for primarily electronic music producers, but also for any other kind of musician or artist!

692 members

#1 blackbear Discord community! We discuss bear's music, provide updates from his social media feeds, and host listening parties. While that's true, this place is of course not limited to just blackbear, but we can all come together as his fans.

The Sims Creations & Su…
320 members

This server is for all those avid simmers out there that are interested in sharing their passion in a safe place.

Lunar Music Community🕉
408 members

Music Production server based around genres like PsyTrance, Ambient, Techno, Industrial, and/or any subliminal genre :) Feel free to join us and join the community.

342 members

Join the new Radiohead server!

RedSkar Music Server
101 members

Calling all music producers! This a new server I made for my listeners. I go by RedSkar and I produce music, I want to grow a community of music producers of all genres and make new friends, and possibly collab music! Sounds interesting? Consider joining!

89 members

Welcome to TUNE! Chat with people that are also into music, and find people to collaborate with.

Grim's Wrld
55 members

This server is for Electronic Producers and Artists. If you don't make music that's okay too! This is a creative hub for all us underground artists to come and connect with each other! As we grow together we will have a big family.

Kraftwerk Server
69 members

This is a server about Kraftwerk and their music

65 members

Voltaic Gaming are an electronic sports organization founded in February 2017. Join us :)

Mix356 Radio
42 members

Mix365 is your music station that comes alive. We aim to be YOUR online DJ radio station and we stream 365 days 24/7 with all genres of electronic music, LIVE DJ sets with full chat interaction.


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