Anti-Cringe Corporation server icon
Anti-Cringe Corporation

ACC is a server full of Fun Roles, Channels and Bots! We hate all cringe and we try to erase them from the internet! Join the ACC now

Anti-Cringe Corporation 15 members Join
MetaSlavs NFT server icon
MetaSlavs NFT

Privet, comrade! Whether you’re a modern digital art lover, or just purely interested in kvass-drinking and Adidas tracksuit wearing, we’ve got some really khorosho news for you. Set your foot on the glorious land of Metaslavia - upcoming NFT collection!

MetaSlavs NFT 1,191 members Join
The Meme Hood server icon
The Meme Hood

Need a meme server with 75+ memes posted every day in each channel, and a fun community, this is the place.

The Meme Hood 13,818 members Join
Recycle Bin server icon
Recycle Bin

-Meme Group -Lots of memes -Lots of good people -Self Promo

Recycle Bin 102 members Join
Diyorpost server icon

Free speech esque discord server, follow my ig: ban.webm whole server gets mod if 2.1k isnt hit by December 31st 2023

Diyorpost 341 members Join
The megamans land server icon
The megamans land

You like megaman? you got megaman ocs? Join this here server.

The megamans land 102 members Join
Peepocoin server icon

PeepoCoin is swag and awesome and you should totally join it if you are swag :based:

Peepocoin 437 members Join
Scorpion's server icon

u wanna waste ur fkn Time with TOXIC People?, JOIN US TO discuss CRINGE Topics that make u feel LIKE a SCORPION BITE.

Scorpion's 350 members Join
Welcome to The Shitshow server icon
Welcome to The Shitshow

Basically a server to have fun and make friends in!

Welcome to The Shitshow 62 members Join
Cirnocord [Sleepy Friends Official] server icon
Cirnocord [Sleepy Friends Official]

comfy cozy place for sleepy friends to sleep (no redditors no babies no races of people i dont like ( you know who you are)) we have cool emojis so you can like join just for that i guess

Cirnocord [Sleepy Friends Official] 159 members Join
First Draft Assassins server icon
First Draft Assassins

A writing group meant for those that want hard real critique. This is not a safe space and we will critique it harshly but constructively.

First Draft Assassins 186 members Join
Your Hangout server icon
Your Hangout

A place where you can make friends and meet new people.

Your Hangout 35 members Join
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