Budget Commander server icon
Budget Commander

Welcome to Budget Commander! Casual commander games Newbie friendly,all ages welcome Monthly casual tournaments 5-10 In game servers a day New server, growing rapidly!

Budget Commander 1,273 members Join
Order of the Lion server icon
Order of the Lion

📜 We pledge our fealty to the 👑 King of Salem, and give our solemn vow to follow the ✝️Grand Cross, a bestowal Son. We promise to keep the secrets of the Order close to our heart. ♥️ - Knight Commander Gabriella TO THE DOGGED THE PATH WILL BE SHOWN

Order of the Lion 6,766 members Join
Elyxian Odyssey server icon
Elyxian Odyssey

EXPLORE | BUILD | BATTLE | RACE | RENT | EARN Welcome to Elyxian metaverse, the ultimate exploration and strategy game. The players can immerse themselves in journeys, story modes, racing, battles, building and upgrading their Elyxus.

Elyxian Odyssey 3,178 members Join
EDH Unchained server icon
EDH Unchained

EDH Unchained is a discord server dedicated to the EDH format of MTG. We host a place to play the game via webcam with paper cards, have brewing channels for making decks, and many other channels for other aspects of MTG.

EDH Unchained 1,981 members Join
Monarch Events server icon
Monarch Events

Tournament server dedicated to hosting competitive EDH / Commander tournaments for the game Magic: the Gathering.

Monarch Events 1,740 members Join
Andromeda server icon

Where Cosmonauts And Astronauts From All Over Various Planets And Galaxies Hangout! Self Roles Are Included In The Server. Giveaways And Referral Program Are Included. Server Stats And Many More Also Looking For Staff Members To Have A New Set Of Eyes

Andromeda 134 members Join
Tokyo Manji Gang server icon
Tokyo Manji Gang

I hope we can have a good time y'all!

Tokyo Manji Gang 97 members Join
KINGS server icon

Welcome to the Elite army, hope you have a good time in here.

KINGS 74 members Join
HakiTech server icon

Griffin Studios is a community grown from the griffin studios youtube channel! come play with like minded people who all have one thing in common. they watch gaming content on our youtube channel we always welcome new members and are looking to grow

HakiTech 12 members Join
Azur HQ server icon
Azur HQ

Azur Lane themed rp server. Come hang out and chat about the game as well.

Azur HQ 10 members Join

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