Coders Grotto
162 members

Coders Grotto is a server which programmers can join to help each other with anything programming related. Showcasing your current projects or sharing ideas is also available in this server.

ESCR Creative Studios
110 members

Coding Lounge for professional, non-professional and wannabe coders. This is a place to connect with other developers, coders and the community, talking about coding, programming or just general chat!

18 members

Join this small but fun server It's the place for coders or none coders to hang out and have fun. My own bot is in development, make sure to pass by if you want to see it. feedback is always allowed xD if you like coding than join EnderCode

</> House of Coders
11 members

</> House of coders- это лучший сервер по тематики IT, который помогут вам!

Silver Nation
1,249 members

Here at Silver Nation we have: • Server Podcast (upcoming) • self assignable roles Chill server & staff. Tons of things to do! Come join us

1,425 members

A premium server that cares about your comfort and privacy the most. Some says they feel like home here! Pokemon, Anime BOT and More++

WordPress Server
1,344 members

WordPress Chat is a group of like-minded WordPress Developers, Coders, Designers, & Hosting Providers of all skill levels, talking and helping each other learn & improve skills (and vent) about WordPress. Come chat, get help, share expertise, and hang out

Cyberpunk Social Club
613 members

A leftist creative community with some of the friendliest nerds and weirdos on this planet.

Koders | Code & Tech
449 members

Koders is a friendly community for all coders, tech lovers, designers, and everyone else! One of the most diverse role selections for your programming languages, work types, hobbies, and much more.

The World of Web.
147 members

Are you a Web3 musician looking to make an impact? The World of Web is a growing community of musicians, coders and creatives all working towards the common goal of progressing Web3 for creatives through our community dApp build

782 members

Droplove is a portal that enables NFT drops for quality digital artists. Join early to become OG and get on Whitelist.

The Coders™ - 494 👥
494 members

Neste servidor, discutimos sobre programação e desenvolvimento de software em geral.

Lazy Coders
395 members

This Server was created with the intention of collecting all sorts of programmers to participate in different projects for themselves and with others, meaning discussing new ideas finding their way together.

BloodBush dev
208 members

Good community for coders and botdevs.

Normal API
196 members

This is an API which can make your Bot to have Additional Extra Functions which will help your bot to get Better. It gives the Data in JSON Format which can be accessed if your coding package supports fetching json data from an API.

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