Shinobi Verse 木
165 members

Welcome to the world where you can experience the shinobi madness, Shinobi Verse. This server is mainly to have fun and chill out. Don't worry if you are not an anime fan, you are still invited here and can have fun too...

The Cocainum Gang
109 members

We've got: • Custom roles and fun bots • Nice and fun people and friendly environment • Private voice chats to talk to friends • This server has been nitro boosted • Meme channels, roleplay, selfies and fun bots • We have interesting, fun events

125 members

Welcome, we're freeroam & chill server on FiveM. Feel here like you're at home.

🛌Chill and Play Lounge …
105 members

-+-+-**Chill and play Lounge by LifeLongTragedy1**-+-+- **What is "Chill and play Lounge by LifeLongTragedy1"?** Its a server with fun activities and games, where u can also find people to talk to or just listing to music

King Nour
333 members

Hey you! Welcome to Chill Lounge probably the best server you'll ever join with a super loving and welcoming community and where you'll form amazing friendships! (the owner is a really chill open minded 21yo who's always active) Join the fun!!

Chill Zone
662 members

The Chill Zone server hosts a modded origin server that uses 1.18.1 + a mod that improves world generation a lot. The community is really active both on discord and on the minecraft server.

80 members

Chill and active discord to find new friends and play with different fellow gamers! Everyone is a minecrafter but we play all kinds of games:D! feel free to join!

Xephaholic Arcade│🎮
233 members

A new and active gaming server with over 100 members. We are always looking for people to play with as well as chill people to hangout with. Join us in our crazy game nights, chill movie nights and supper fun giveaways!

Chill Zone
150 members

The Chill Zone is a new server to Chill, meet and talk to new people.

Elder Scrolls Philosophy
199 members

Our “Philosophy” is simple, games are made & played to have fun. A smaller end-game trials & dungeons guild, focused on core teams & raiding in low stress environments with chill relaxed people. Join us today!

Chill Hangout
304 members

Hello there . Welcome to Chill Hangout. Here you can chat and play video games! So enjoy! And please stay! Btw we have invite rewards! We have MC SMP

Chill House
297 members

Hello and welcome, here you are in a chill server, the goal is sharing and conviviality in compliance with the rules.

Christian Chill Spot
274 members

El Mandem
28 members

Chill server wit chill people and usually active at most times of the day n night. Play games, e-date, watch anime/movies, and vibe. We are a small server trying to grow a community. You can always plug your socials too. Always joking and having fun.

Mental Health Support a…
631 members

A server that provides support for mental health and a relaxing place to meet new people and hangout!

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