Metaverse Cool Cats
31,196 members

We are bringing cats into NFT Metaverse. Early Bird Sale sold out in 7 minutes! Pre-sale on January 2. Join our Discord for updates.

Cats and Watches Societ…
7,500 members

DeFi Yield Protocol is a platform that offers solutions for yield farming, staking, #NFTs, and #DYP Tools. Home of Cats and Watches Society NFT!

1,590 members

Be a cool cat lover, be our Catizen! This is cat lover endorsement NFT. Let's build Catopia in the world. 1st place in Asia & Sandbox. We build global chained catified fun house for you and cats, The house is chill, safe, private and fun.

Wild Stars | Warrior Ca…
242 members

👑 High + Admin Ranks Open 👑 ❥┊ Pronoun Roles ❥┊ Free Character Art ❥┊ Organised Ping Roles ❥┊ A Map + Territory Guide ❥┊ In-Server Warrior's Term Guide ❥┊ In-Server Herb-Guide For Med-Cats ❥┊ Accessories Permitted.

No Cats' Land
73 members

No Cats' Land is a feral, domestic cat roleplay with a PG-13 community. We have realistic characters and realistic to semi-realistic knowledge and behavior. NCL has a pre-established world with a sandbox plot lead by members and natural events.

Warrior Cats: A New Era
701 members

warrior cat roleplay server

🎮𝕩𝕖𝕟𝕤𝕦'𝕤 𝕝𝕠𝕦𝕟𝕘𝕖🎮
515 members

Hi you can chill here! We have music, games especially Valorant and active admins! We do not tolerate any bad behavior towards other!! Our server is your safe place! Join now!

Satan’s Kittens
86 members

A cat themed server for talking, chilling, fun and having an optional rp about cats based off of warrior cats. Please join! It would be an amazing help if you did!

; ♔ crown
63 members

Cats world is a community server based on cats! - community - 📊 advertise channels - 💎 owo/ dank memer coin giveaways - 🏡 welcoming community - ☁️ Cat emotes -

The Cat Army (PERM CLOS…
54 members

We are a Cat Army looking to recrute more soldiers. We love cats here and if you do to join up and fight for the Cute Cats.

Cats NFT
49 members

Who doesn't love cats? Cats NFT are not only a Token, but also a Community. Love and Care! 🐱#NFT #NFTCommunity #nftart

Demons In The Dark- a w…
31 members

Welcome to the Demons in the Dark- a warrior cats roleplay! this is based off the warrior cat series by erin hunter, but we are open to all who wish to join! we have a helpful info section to help all our members, even those unfamiliar with the books

Warrior Cats: Salt to t…
27 members

A literate Icelandic Warrior Cats RP server with in depth, growing lore and many fascinating places to explore. HIGH RANKS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE

cool cat party
13 members

cats are cool

Warriors: The Forgotten…
12 members

Welcome to The Forgotten Hope! We are a Semi-Literate Discord based WarriorCat rp server focused on providing our members with a fresh unique take on the original Warrior cats books!! Our Roleplay takes places after the destruction of the original clans

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