8,004 members

This server is for the RCRDSHP platform. RCRDSHP is a place to buy/sell digital collectible trading cards from your favorite EDM artists. Stop RENTING music on Spotify and start OWNING it on RCRDSHP, where artists gat paid fairly!

8,432 members

With Earnit.GG you can earn free Discord Nitro, CSGO skins, or even gift cards for Steam and League of Legends, completely free. By doing surveys, watching videos, and doing simple tasks you can earn diamonds that you can then withdraw for real money.

Girls Robots Dragons
3,685 members

Premium fantasy (and sci-fi) artwork displayed across a 9,000 NFT card collection that consists of 15 unique characters (5 girls, 5 robots, 5 dragons) existing on the Ethereum blockchain.

Versus Mode
1,813 members

New Play to Earn NFT game on Solana. Collect. Battle. Earn

Snaggy's Shop
1,148 members

Do you want amazon store cards for EXTREMELY cheap? Join our discord now to start selling your items or find out how you can get a $1,000 store card for as low as $10!

beast services
158 members

SELLING LEGAL MY CCS, PAYPAL TO BITCOIN, DEBIT CREDIt CARDS DROPS, ALL LIVE CCS, got vouches and proofs,sms verification, for more stuff join in server, you will not regret it ;)

The army of cards NFT's
736 members

The Army of Cards is a collection of 5400 randomized, algorithmically generated, NFT’s. The collection consists of female soldiers that fight for our online future. This collection of soldiers is the beginning of a long roadmap with more rare treasures.

Embily Crypto Universe
93 members

Welcome to Embily community that comes together to share our mission to bridge the gap between crypto and real life.

373 members

Hai Hai!!! We are an active gaming server! We play mostly league of legends but not only league. We often have giveaways and we offer custom roles! Growing community with over 300+ memebers!

Make Money Online💰💸
152 members

In this server I have linked all the good money apps and websites. For most of these to get money or gift cards all you have to do is install games and do surveys until you have enough points to cash out.

Demise's Dark Market
91 members

Selling Amazon store cards, gift cards, accounts and bot lobbies for mw for super cheap

54 members

DivinationDAO is a membership NFT on Ethereum blockchain with utility privileges to access the members-only section where divination techniques are introduced to the members to help them to decipher solutions or seek answers to their unanswered questions

15 members

StockMaid tracks graphics cards from leading retailers and provides alerts when they are in stock.

19 members

In an as yet undiscovered metaverse, bots originally generated as simple computer programs or algorithms have over time become sentient and evolved. There existence and continued evolution depends on competing for dwindling energy supplies.

The AH*LE Card Game
3 members

Bring your A game to this cheeky, fast-paced game where being an a$$h*le is highly encouraged. If you can get rid of all your cards (including tops and bottoms) before your opponents, you collect a shiny butt * token to rub it in.

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