Stoney Lodge ™
2,121 members

Your #1 Cannabis Community | Visit us at:

4,352 members

We create the ecosystem where blockchain and cannabis coexist 🌱 Cannumi | Planting Ideas, harvesting tokens.

[The HyLyfe Coven]
1,122 members

Cannabis users and Psychonauts alike come together to create an amazing community!! Active chats everyday with plenty to do and people to vibe with a unique blend of the right type of stoners!

Grows R Us
894 members

Friendly cannabis cultivation related server. Talk everything cannabis from growing, to smoking, to making edibles or concentrates. New growers, don't be shy. Do you have problems? Come show us, we can help you. Weed :-)

Kush Kings
94 members

Official Discord of Kush Kings Cannabis For 420 enthusiasts and growers alike Seed Giveaways!

Brisbane Cannabis 🏫
53 members

Brisbane Cannabis!

The MisFit Derby
2,071 members

Corrupt_Camel_Collective 🐪NFTs for the Misfit in all of us. Be yourself, without judgement, in the NFT space 🐪10%of mint will go to an animal charity of the communities choice 🐪 10% will go into a community Wallet

9,232 members

Never smoke alone in the Puffcord! 18+

33 members

RealityRP -USA- PC- 3PP/1PP - Namalsk - 40players MAX POP

24,843 members

🌿 CanaBoyz is an NFT game based on players' economic relationships and existing smart contracts.

Beyond Cultivation™
1,257 members

The mission and goal of this server is to share your knowledge and love for cannabis with others! We hope to create a fun and unique community of cannabis growers & smokers

Dr. Dabber Community
4,822 members

We work tirelessly to create and develop the coolest, most innovative vaporizers on earth. We take chances that other companies won’t in the pursuit of creating the best vape pens and dab rigs possible. We insist on using the best materials available to u

130 members

Community for

854 members

CryptNation is the fastest-growing server for beginners looking to gain their footing in the crypto industry. We specialize in guiding beginners in the right direction; knowledge is power & that is why we are dedicated to educating & providing resources!

The Ganja Headspace
268 members

The Ganja Headspace is for any of you potheads out there who want a safe space from judgement and drama. The Ganja Headspace is based around equality and the respect of other members. Toke up with us!

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