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◦ CAMP NOSTALGIA ◦ | NEW ⋅ 25 & Older ⋅ Community-Focused ⋅ SFW ⋅ Chill Vibes ⋅ Non-Toxic ⋅ Friendly & Inclusive 🍄Mature Environment 🍄Awesome, Friendly Members 🍄Camp Theme | Our goal is to create a server where adults can enjoy fun and connection.

2b2t Signed Book & Coll…
3,741 members

The 2b2t Signed Books & Collectibles Network is home to 2b2t's largest 2b2t rare item collection - displaying more than 5,000 documented valuable items, signed books, map art, screenshots, illegal items, useful mods, banners, and other relics.

Book Rant Community
413 members

Welcome to book rant! Here we rant about books! if its book or writing-related, it's us! Book rant is a server made for people with an interest in writing and reading. Whether you like to write poems or read J.R.R Tolken books this is the place for you!

A Novel Concept
99 members

A 21+ server for those who love books and book-related things.

Bash the Books
290 members

Get the best in picks, analysis, and more from our team of cappers.

Fantastic Fiction Book …
920 members

✨Welcome to Fantastic Fiction Book Club!✨ The place for all fantasy and fiction lovers to meet, read books together and talk about our love for books and passion for reading!

Book Santas (and Lovers)
276 members

A book community that is nearing its first birthday with over 200 members!

The Library of Personal…
255 members

A server hosting a collection of 200+ PDFs about personality typologies, such as MBTI, Enneagram, The Big Five, Hogwarts Houses, and more!

𝗝𝘂𝘀𝘁 𝗢𝗻𝗲 𝗠𝗼𝗿𝗲 𝗖𝗵𝗮𝗽𝘁𝗲𝗿
136 members

Are you looking for a fun, friendly, and inclusive space to make friends and talk about books? Then give our server a try! We have a wonderful group of staff, amazing members, and fun bots to play around with ❤︎

Needle ⚔ (16+)
114 members

A server where you can hang out and reminisce about all the great anime, books, music and games you've enjoyed! If you are 16+, join!!

just books and chat
106 members

a fun server that is welcome to all people

Milk & Cookies
69 members

Server for readers writers and artists but you can also just talk with other members and watch movies.

Stock Dads™
1,839 members

Stocks | Options | Crypto | Sports Betting - Live trading, real-time alerts from exclusive analysts, proprietary Stock Dads Academy and Technical Wizard™ courses, 1:1 mentorship with custom Roadmaps for every member, access to licensed CFP, CPA, and more!

11 members

We are a book server. Join to reccommend and chat about any book. We are accepting and diverse!

Literature Haven
12 members

While this is in creative this is a Literature discord server that we hope that people can enjoy sharing their favorite and last favorite books. We hope that you can join us!

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