Blender Mix - Model Ani…
6,347 members

Blender Mix Community, We Talk 3D and 2D Creation. Blender, Maya and 3ds Max Modeling Animation Rigging.

Grimy - Blend
202 members

👋 Family-friendly 🤖 Safe 📷 Provided content -- 🎬 Sharing knowledge 📠 Blender support --- 🧠Resources

Developer Recruiting Hub
2,847 members

Primarily Roblox developer based hiring server but all devs are welcome. Plenty of status roles to choose from, friendly staff, active marketplace system as well as some exciting upcoming bot features and more!

Beamng Elite
1,121 members

Beamng Elite is a discord group for Beamng.Drive enthusiast! This discord is home to some very skilled modders and backed by its mods (exclusive to this discord). Blender 3d modeling is also a big topic here as well as lua coding, irl car talk and more! J

Snappy Gurus
1,044 members

Welcome to the official Snappy Gurus discord server, where artists, programmers and sound designers can share their work, get feedback and help others!

Unreal Dev - Game, Film…
5,599 members

Unreal Dev Community, We Talk Games and Films Development. Unreal, Unity and Cry Engine. Maya 3DsMax, Blender, 3D, Art, Code, CPP, C# ..

3,101 members

Pixelabz NFTs Discord server is Pixelabz community’s hive. In this place, events and games are organized in order to create a strong and fun community. Our objective is simple: sell out our 10k NFTs pieces collection after the mint starts.

Bento Buddy
1,530 members

Bento Buddy is an add-on for Blender that gives your creativity a cape. Support for Second Life(r) devkits/animations

Graphically Gorgeous
1,349 members

We're a great community for graphic designers to hang out, share their work, and grow each others' skills together!

Frozen Developers
95 members

Roblox Studio Topluluğu

꧁3🅳 🅲🆁4🆉🆈꧂
52 members

La Maison CR4ZY 3D Nous sommes des développeurs de Web3D Expérimental, nous travaillons avec Unreal Engine U4 et Blender pour créer nos développements. Nous sommes également hébergeur et nous avons des services de domaine et cPanel. Support Unreal

Roblox Creators
420 members

The only roblox development server you will need! Here you can find active developers, fast roblox studio assistance, a developer marketplace and much more...

851 members

✧ Blender, Substance Painter, Unity, etc. ✧ 3D Products ✧ Public Market ✧ Models for VR-Chat ✧ Free Assets ✧ Variety of other art, ie. Digital Art, etc,

DesignVerse_Studios (DV…
591 members

A place where we create digital designs for clients and also a place to teach/learn/promote other designers.

Artistic Growth - Chapt…
527 members

Join our friendly server ^^

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