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We are a popular crypto community that helps our members make a profit on PUMPS!

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Welcome to the JUPITER PUMP PROJECT! We are a popular crypto community that helps thousands of users to achieve a profit on PUMPS!

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The #1 Crypto Trading Hub + Community. Click me to read more.

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Crypto ATMs will become an everyday part of life. A bridge between old world fiat and the new digital age. Coin-ATM's forward thinking business practices will engage and connect users of all kinds, in never-before-seen ways.

OnlyUp Trading
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Follow our stock & crypto signals ➡ Make money! ✅ Free Stock & Crypto signals/alerts ✅ 📚 Educate yourself about investing and finance
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Portion is the 21st Century Auction House for Rare, High-End NFT Art, Music, and Collectibles. We connect artists and collectors through blockchain technology to easily sell, invest and own art and collectibles with verified authenticity and provenance.

Moody Ape Club
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The First Ever NFT Collection based on a miniseries on the Metaverse

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🚀 📈 The Great Pump is one of the biggest cryptocurrency pump community worldwide. We find unique market opportunities and together with our group we pump the price of coins up massively by buying in at the same time.

Official | Starname $IO…
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Hello! This server is all about the cryptocurrency Starname. The Ticker is $IOV and is listed on emeris dex, osmosis dex, and the Hotbit exchange! If you are interested in finding out more come hang out with us and our small community and see if you fit!

Sleepy’s MM Service & M…
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Looking for a place to find fast and easy middlemans? Well sleepy mm is the place for you! 👍 our mms can mm any game possible! 😱 did I forget to say it was the best mm server? 📊 Trusted owner with 100+ vouches JOIN NOW!

VitaminCoin Community
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A cryptocurrency project promoting healthy living. Let your health be your wealth!

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We are an NFT Company, Web3 and Metaverse.

MCR Trading
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MCR Trading is the Biggest Free Trading Community in the World! Community
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Cryptocurrency 📊 Passive Income 💸 Node Rewards 🏆

We Want to Pump 👏 You U…
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A server where we all make money off of cryptocurrency by legally buying and selling at set times. I will never pump and dump on you, as not only is that wrong to do, it's short sighted as I want to be able to grow this server in trust and volume.

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