Instagram Skincare Community server icon
Instagram Skincare Community

A server where we discuss everything skincare, beauty or makeup related. Focussed on Instagram creators, but having an IG page related to beauty is not mandatory to join.

Instagram Skincare Community 63 members Join
Universal Sperm Bank server icon
Universal Sperm Bank

Also known as CryptoSperms, these never seen before hand drawn and animated NFT collectibles combines the beauty of life with the beauty of human interaction, recombination and exchange.

Universal Sperm Bank 35 members Join
Dgr: Beauty and the Beast au server icon
Dgr: Beauty and the Beast au

A server focused on forming a danganronpa beauty and the beast au.

Dgr: Beauty and the Beast au 19 members Join
Dark Academia server icon
Dark Academia

Dark academia is a gothic and scholarly aesthetic and lifestyle dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. ✨Study together 📖 ✨, 🖤meet new friends ❤️ 😊fashion advice😊 intellectual discussion🤓 ✨friendly accepting community👯 LGBTQ+ and POC friendly 🌈✊🏾

Dark Academia 499 members Join
Crypto Idolz server icon
Crypto Idolz

The first ever nude NFT collection on Solana

Crypto Idolz 22,078 members Join
Divinity Cells server icon
Divinity Cells

Divinity Cells is a unique digital art collection of 8000 NFT's, inspired by cells.

Divinity Cells 15,240 members Join
Yandere & Lolita Fashion server icon
Yandere & Lolita Fashion

We are the Yandere & Lolita server, join us and enjoy being part of our eccentric community especially for yanderes and people who like the Lolita fashion.

Yandere & Lolita Fashion 1,852 members Join
'Sephora ; chat & pfp server icon
'Sephora ; chat & pfp

This is the Official server for Sephora, the international beauty and makeup store. All things hair, fashion, nails, and makeup. Belong to Something Beautiful

'Sephora ; chat & pfp 1,502 members Join
First Try server icon
First Try

This server is basically for anyone who's interested in WEBTOON comics. It's for sharing art, interests and making friends with other WEBTOON fans~!

First Try 2,630 members Join
PCR [ revamping ] server icon
PCR [ revamping ]

Are you looking for a server to make friends? Join Pierre’s Chillroom now!

PCR [ revamping ] 2,437 members Join
Futugo app server icon
Futugo app

Futugo App is an E-commerce platform (web 2.0), digital marketplace in the metaverse (web 3.0) and social network designed for luxury lovers. Futugo App is the world's first luxury fashion network suitable for the metaverse.

Futugo app 1,778 members Join
Only Girl NFT server icon
Only Girl NFT

First NFT with adult content benefit

Only Girl NFT 1,563 members Join
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