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The Creative Collective…
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Welcome to The Creative Collective! We're a community for sharing art tips, showcasing work, and general artist support!

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Metaboys stand for kids who are suffering from any kind of oppression all aroun the world. Main goal of the project is ; Creating awareness for children in need by uniting the art of NFT with the real world.

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Museum is a generative NFT project that shines light on the historic, artistic, and cultural significance of NFT art.

Cryptocurrency Degenera…
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Cyber Rhino Squad | NFT
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The Cyber Rhino Squad NFT Collection features 5’555 unique digital collectibles designed as valuable NFTs that live on the Ethereum Blockchain. Join the squad now!

Futugo app
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Futugo App is an E-commerce platform (web 2.0), digital marketplace in the metaverse (web 3.0) and social network designed for luxury lovers. Futugo App is the world's first luxury fashion network suitable for the metaverse.

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The premier art world NFT platform, Institut is committed to empowering artists & expanding the contemporary art audience through technology

Artcode | Art Commissio…
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This is Discord Community Server for Language Learning | Coding | Music | Art & Design | Startup Talks | Gaming | Book Club And More Fun...

Maelstrom Art Station™
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This server is the place for Artists to hangout and enjoy the Gallery of Art. We don't just chat and chill but we also have numerous event like Art of the Month, Artist shoutout, Gallery, and Hall of Fame. So This server has just about everything.

Stationery Anonymous 18+
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If people have trouble understanding your love ofpens, art supplies, paper, notebooks, journaling or planning, then you're in good company. Stationery Anonymous is a haven for 18+ stationery lovers to hang out over a shared love of analog communication.

The Tokenist Art Collec…
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Battle:Collage is an interactive and collaborative project where you are not only the owner of the art, but also the artist yourself. It consists of a grid of 9126 squares, each 30x30 pixels, and each sold and tradable individually as a NFT.

Rusty Robot Country Club
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WELCOME TO THE Rusty Robot Country Club Programmed in RUST for performance and safety, this collection of misfit Robots ignore their differences, coming together to relax and unwind at the Rusty Robot Country Club.

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Welcome to our CTRL / ART / D discord server! You will absolutely enjoy it, especially if you are interested in NFTs, generative art and art in general!

Central CelebratiOhm
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Referência em arte e música psicodélica brasileira

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