film out. | pls boost
1,040 members

K-musi is a bts server where army can chat and do some fun things.

‧₊˚house of army⁷˚~₊
397 members

House of ARMY! THE place for BTS fans, join a new and developing server run by a 5 year Army and help make it great!

Floppa Army
430 members

floppa army is the best floppa server you can be in! floppa fans pumba supporter no beluga lots of cats memes fortnite balls very fun stuff! join now and have floppa!

The army of cards NFT's
731 members

The Army of Cards is a collection of 5400 randomized, algorithmically generated, NFT’s. The collection consists of female soldiers that fight for our online future. This collection of soldiers is the beginning of a long roadmap with more rare treasures.

the grave of bee army
236 members

Bee's army is an LGBTQIA+ safe space and we welcome new members every day! We enforce our rules every day to keep the community safe too!

147 members

1,000 Unique NFT Soldiers looking to be deployed into your wallets. Every single Soldier is completely unique from the last.

꒒ ০ ⌵ ୧ ♡ 𝑫𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒎𝑪𝒂𝒕𝒄𝒉𝒆𝒓 …
44 members

💮 **Thank you for Joining my server, to have everyone come join from many places around world to share ideas share hobbies💮The Number 1 K-Pop Server💮

Trusfrated Army | BTS
590 members

Hii welcome to the BTS ARMY community here we talk to armys around the world and do a lot of fun activities.

Saluja Army
393 members

This Server is Made For Saluja Army!!

Errthing Errthing
136 members

We're a community of ARMY whose aim is to encourage questions, provide information, help members navigate the fandom. 💜 We come from all over the globe and we welcome anyone regardless of how long they've been part of the fandom!

방탄소년단 (BTS) | HAPPY ARM…
143 members

The universe of BTS & ARMY

Army of The Potomac
288 members

The Army of The Potomac is a gaming community primarily focused on the Civil War FPS, War of Rights. Join us as Infantry or Artillery and find a tight knit group of friends that loves to win.

The Official Roblox Army
111 members

We are a Server that is based of a Roblox Army. We would like you to know that our army has many options you can choose and its based of own ideas. Thanks for reading I hope to see you there.

The Grand Imperial Army
85 members

This is a Non Canon RPG that pass in the second year of the clones wars. Is the Clone Army but of the empire(a good empire)

Cleveland Brown's Headq…
58 members

Cleveland Brown's army is a place for like minded ROBLOX trollers to raid cafes, hotel groups, army groups, and much more. We have giveaways, training, ranks, staff, and plenty of bots to leave you entertained and having a fun time.

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