Earnapp server icon

Make money from your idle internet!!! Do you use honeygain? well, start using EARNAPP !! it is way better app ;) Check&share other apps too ;)

Earnapp 210 members Join
Android Buddies server icon
Android Buddies

A collection of 10,000 unique hand drawn NFTs inspired by video games, anime, comics and iconic logos. Every Android is uniquely expressed with stickers, prints and other fun stuffs!

Android Buddies 24 members Join
Goricina Productions server icon
Goricina Productions

Welcome to the Deep: Pixel-art platformer game located deep inside caves. Read latest news and chat with the community.

Goricina Productions 783 members Join
Top War Tips Strategy [TwtS] server icon
Top War Tips Strategy [TwtS]

Top-rated online strategy war game. The game can be somewhat confusing to new players. I'm looking to give new and old players the edge in their gameplay!

Top War Tips Strategy [TwtS] 1,917 members Join
Cool Down Club server icon
Cool Down Club

We are a Pokémon Go server that just wants to provide a place for everyone to connect and enjoy themselves. Come and hang out, get to know others with similar interests & most importantly..have fun.

Cool Down Club 35,255 members Join

𝘼𝙆 𝙂𝘼𝙈𝙄𝙉𝙂 𝙊𝙁𝙁𝙄𝘾𝙄𝘼𝙇 1,043 members Join
GameFromScratch server icon

We cover all things game development related, with a focus on tutorials

GameFromScratch 5,586 members Join
Dunidle server icon

This is an official discord server for the game Dunidle, available on iOS & Android. This server is meant for you to be able to find people to discuss, share your suggestion, and participate in a giveaway. Feel free to join us and let's Dunidling!!

Dunidle 14,892 members Join
r/NieRRe[in]carnation server icon

Discord server for the subreddit dedicated to the new mobile game from Square Enix, NieR Reincarnation, which has just released globally for ios and android!

r/NieRRe[in]carnation 7,226 members Join
Elyxian Odyssey server icon
Elyxian Odyssey

EXPLORE | BUILD | BATTLE | RACE | RENT | EARN Welcome to Elyxian metaverse, the ultimate exploration and strategy game. The players can immerse themselves in journeys, story modes, racing, battles, building and upgrading their Elyxus.

Elyxian Odyssey 3,178 members Join
Xgameszone server icon

Welcome to one of the biggest adult/hentai game sites in the world. Here you will find more than 9000+ currently porn games in a large list of topics. Absolutely free to download.

Xgameszone 2,619 members Join
LightslicerGP's Discord server icon
LightslicerGP's Discord

Hello! Here we talk about gaming, tech, cubing, content creation, dank memer, and everything in between!

LightslicerGP's Discord 57 members Join
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