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Dark Academia server icon
Dark Academia

Dark academia is a gothic and scholarly aesthetic and lifestyle dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. ✨Study together 📖 ✨, 🖤meet new friends ❤️ 😊fashion advice😊 intellectual discussion🤓 ✨friendly accepting community👯 LGBTQ+ and POC friendly 🌈✊🏾

Dark Academia 467 members Join
Nezuko | Anime & Social ・Active Voice & Chat server icon
Nezuko | Anime & Social ・Active Voice & Chat

──🎍 ꒰꒰ nezuko box's — is an animanga, gaming, and artist friendly community with 450+ custom emotes and nice aesthetic

Nezuko | Anime & Social ・Active Voice & Chat 60,363 members Join
Weirdly Aesthetic server icon
Weirdly Aesthetic

weirdly aesthetic is an active growing community We have gaming anime and some of the best emotes, emojis, events, giveaways, and a channel for you to post your instagram, twitter, tiktok, snap chat etc.

Weirdly Aesthetic 4,158 members Join
Iris ఌ E-Girls・Social・SFW・Nitro server icon
Iris ఌ E-Girls・Social・SFW・Nitro

🖤 E-GIrls & E-Boys 🖤 Aesthetic 🖤 Moderated 🖤 LOOKING FOR ACTIVE STAFF🖤 Active and welcoming community with aesthetic and clean design. Stop by, hang out and talk with new people and e-girls.

Iris ఌ E-Girls・Social・SFW・Nitro 4,773 members Join
❥Heartless | chill, vibe & moreఌ server icon
❥Heartless | chill, vibe & moreఌ

heartless is a chill community server with a dark minimalistic aesthetic where you can vibe and hang out with people old and new.

❥Heartless | chill, vibe & moreఌ 368 members Join
fae's Boujee Emojis server icon
fae's Boujee Emojis

Aesthetic and boujee emojis. Nothing more, nothing less. No chat, no pings, no promotions. Come check it out!

fae's Boujee Emojis 780 members Join
M I S T server icon

Cool aesthetic server for people to talk and hang out. We have so many features that I'm not even gonna try to fit them all into this description. Hope to see you there, cutie :)

M I S T 390 members Join
°꒰☕꒱⇢-˗ˏˋ-pet cafe-ˎˊ˗ server icon
°꒰☕꒱⇢-˗ˏˋ-pet cafe-ˎˊ˗

🌺↷ ·˚ ༘ 💌 ! : ・Welcome to our Cafe! ╭꒷꒦︶︶。˚ ✧ What does our cafe serve ? ꒦︶꒷ 、︶ ༉‧₊˚ ɞ՞ — a kind welcoming staff ɞ՞ — organized and aesthetic cafe ɞ՞ — nitro giveaways ɞ՞ — a bunch of cute emotes ! ɞ՞ — an aesthetic cafe theme

°꒰☕꒱⇢-˗ˏˋ-pet cafe-ˎˊ˗ 356 members Join
emo ・🍓 server icon
emo ・🍓

₊˚〜 emo ₊˚〜 is a soft, non-toxic community server designed by ABDevs with a purple minimalist aesthetic where you can make new friends!

emo ・🍓 284 members Join
アニメ処女 • Anime • Genshin • Social server icon
アニメ処女 • Anime • Genshin • Social

Our Discord server offers an anime and aesthetic-themed community for those that like anime, gaming, or just socializing!

アニメ処女 • Anime • Genshin • Social 175 members Join
๑‧˚₊꒷꒦ miruku ・games ・aes. 🌸 server icon
๑‧˚₊꒷꒦ miruku ・games ・aes. 🌸

welcome to miruku! play games, make friends, have fun, and make enjoyable memories here! <3

๑‧˚₊꒷꒦ miruku ・games ・aes. 🌸 70 members Join
perenne server icon

Aesthetic server!! ♡

perenne 112 members Join
pure server icon

Aesthetic supportive server! Supports all races and sexuality Includes cute emotes and icons of all sorts! Looking for active members!!<3

pure 77 members Join
⨯ Midnight Hour ⨯ server icon
⨯ Midnight Hour ⨯

₊˚⊹ Goth aesthetic emote server! We have tons of emojis for you to enjoy all for free. Need some emotes to enhancing your server? Then, welcome to Midnight Hour!

⨯ Midnight Hour ⨯ 77 members Join
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