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Netflix lover? You are at the right place!✨✨❤️ Enjoy a wide range of interactive features and Netflix related content with cheerful & passionate people!

Neverland is an 18+ server for married people who enjoy cheating/adultery.

Do you like SCP and horror? Then come join CREEP and become a patient or a staff member at the CREEP facility! All are welcome!

This is rp server for a magical summer camp. Its not for any fandom. We just opened and have a lot of staff positions availabile. When you arrive at camp you are placed in a cabin based on your magical abilities.

We hope you join this gaming server . Mostly we play among us or we chill and talk and enjoy and meet new people . Are server is great for meeting friends and gaming .

We are a chill cave but we are 18+

Welcome to Game Cord. A fun and chill discord server where you can talk about anything you want. Our main topics that we discuss in this server are video games, anime etc.

Come join us. We are a small server for Nepali folks interested in gaming, tech, politics, movies and other day to day activities. Everyone is welcomed to join!

It's cool to chill and kill time I'm there and to find some memes, whether new or old 👍

Ebits - A x22i - Algo pow/pos/mns, Blockchain built to be Asic and Quantum Resistant. Ebits Info Max Supply: 27m Masternode: 10k Pow/Pos Hybrid Block time 2-3 mins Retargeting time 15 mins Reward division Stake 30% / 70% MN Miner 30%/70% DAO

+++Hoshido Kingdom:Dark Ages Roleplay+++ This is a Kingdom That was Founded During A Peaceful Age That Peaceful was broken when Demon killed the Very First King and Queen That Founded Hoshido Kingdom The Kingdoms People Have Been at War for years.

It's a brand new server all about Space and Astronomy. Im a blogger who writes articles about space!

Chub Club is one of the only multipurpose servers exclusively for male chubs.

A friendly place for art, anime, manga, and a lot of tkmiz work. If you're a fan of tkmiz, come hangout at the Hole Digging Club!! 🔺Main focus is 🔺Girls Last Tour | 少女終末旅行 🔺Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou 🔺Shimeji Simulation