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Follow a real professional. Over 10 years of Trading experience with penny movers and large caps.

Welcome to Fearless Debates! Fearless Debates is a debating server where you can start arguments through voice and text channels. We have an active community of staff members to moderate the fights and arguments. This server prohibits all forms of racism


Your #1 Official ZhanXG Community Server. This is the place where you chat, LFG for VLRT or FN and so many more. Come join and be part of the ZhanXG Family. :) Have a great day!

If you are someone who does not want to engage in random conversation, look the other way. Some of us are friendly.

The first fitness reward app for gamers. Get game gift cards for syncing your steps. Meet thousands of gamers into fitness, get fit, and get your characters premium loot for any game!

Hello and welcome to Neurodivergent Night Owls! This is a server meant for everyone between the ages of 13 and 21 as a place to hang out and discuss your interests in a judgment-free place! We also offer a safe place to vent about anything you need to!

Hey there, This community server is owned by Twitch streamer SOTxFADE who is up and coming. Come join his Discord Server to have fun while waiting for his next Twitch stream to start.

NightLight is another place to chill and hang out.

Welcome to the Venomcord Discord server! Venomcord Discord server was created to build a wholesome community with you to support the YouTube channel. - https://www.youtube.com/RedVenomFlash

Beastars: Bridgeton University is a friendly roleplay server that is active and welcoming! OC’s are invited as long as those who want to claim a canon character from our roster! we look forward to meeting you!

Are you a furry? Do you have no friends? Do you love 18+ stuff? This is the place for you.

Server for fellow COMRADES

Welcome to the GROWTOPIA DISCORD server, here you can: - make new friends - sell / buy - look for possible suppliers or midman - invite your other friends and earn wls! ... and many other things

Were a new community server that went public lately and is still under heavy development but we want members to start joining! So thanks in advance if you join<33 We are also giving away nitro for one month at 75 members so join and invite your friends

A small social server based in Australia that welcomes people of nationalities and sexes! We have a large variety of channels, bots and emotes and have a supportive community!