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Mia's bot support server. Mia is a really cool bot you can use to make your server active and fun, it also have a leveling system and this server we give updates, rewards, giveaways and cool staff team.

A chat and lounge community based on sharing interests and music tastes. A brand new server with active and friendly staff.

This server brings the BEE community together. Everyone is friendly. BEE is a new free cryptocurrency that you can mine by simply downloading an app on your phone! There are perks for whoever uses a certain code and Nitro giveaways are part of the server.

This server is to make friends with new creative minds. Things we'll do in this server: 1. Gaming nights 2. Movie nights 3. Share our work 4. Make new friends 5. VCs 6. I would leave it here cause it would affect the suspense

Unofficial VATSIM Club is for beginner-advanced pilots and air traffic controllers. We have group flights, pilot training, ATC training and much more. We also have giveaways and aviation quizzes!

Here are some of the values that we provide: 1:1 mentor-ship on specific problems you have in your schoolwork Basically a google search that gives you the right answers with clear explanations additional access to 1:1 help with quizzes and tests

There has been a toxic leak in the swamp, and the Froges have emerged from the depths to claim control.

buy/sell nudes. findom

We are a multipurpose discord server that is here for Roleplayers Gamers Weebs and so much more, but why am i telling you this? Join and see for yourself!

We are a sever focused around anime, though we do have many other things!

Đây là máy chủ để mọi người giao lưu Chúng tôi luôn chào đón các bạn

Dark Exile is a mobile MMO, with idle gameplay, classic warrior/mage/rouge classes, you can manage and fight with all three classes at once!

Join the largest Inazuma Eleven Discord server now ❤

Transfer Your Outfit from the Future to the Present. Who we are TRONFORM Reefers to make clothing more fun to buy and also creating and customizing your own clothing, this is something that will be possible in phase 3, we are in phase 1 in our company.

Follow a real professional. Over 10 years of Trading experience with penny movers and large caps.