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An amazing community server ran by a small streamer. We like all video games but we are known for Paladins, Minecraft, Among Us and Pokemon! We hope YOU enjoy your stay here!

We provide free accounts for many streaming services such as Hulu. We also do nitro drops, and giveaways.

Do you like making new friends? Then come and join Gene lift :D. We offer music, gaming, events, we even have motivational quotes and advice channels.

cool minecraft smp server

social aesthetic server that compiles aesthetic emotes while providing unique chatting experiences !

Triggered is a fun community filled with amazing staff and members! Everyone's welcome no matter race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, religion and etc!

A new and fun server that welcomes kdrama fans and non-kdrama fans! Come join and talk about your favourite kdramas!

This is a server dedicated to gamers from across all Central Florida. Want to make new friends, meet local people, and find others to game with? This is the place for you! *We hope you enjoy your stay!*

Welcome to our community, we're adventurers that pride ourselves in our devotion to farming and teamwork!

WELCOME to Study Seals - A small server that is there to help you get through the stressiness of exams. - A friendly community of people - Advice - Help in school subjects - Weekly VC study challenges

Reward XP is the premium rewards platform for the beermoney and gaming communities. US-based but global focused, we have active members from over 100 countries!

Hydruulia is a new mock government rp, gaining new members everyday. We have many opportunities and fun things to do in Hydruulia. As a community, we are dedicated to ensuring a friendly community persists as we progress into the future.

This is Roblox Adopt Me Server, we do lots of Giveaways, Updates and Leaks! Striker180x

This is a community discord for the 4 games that I cover over on my youtube channel: QC Runner Games, the community is active and hosts weekly giveaways for prizes within the 4 games, American Dad Apocalypse Soon, Hustle Castle, Zero City & Shelter War.