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A server for selling computer games at a cheap price

#TeamBanana is a fun, friendly community! Ready to start your journey? Join our Discord server today!

A small cute and aesthetic server! Gives a lot of offer! Join now!

new server semi toxic packing and active

So far nothing but I'll work on it more

we are a fun community full of people with different interests feel free to join and chill out in a vc or just chat with people in a text channel and play games!

Inside every person, there's an artist. Whether you draw, program, write poetry, or anything else, we welcome you to Artistic Reality!

We have a chegg bot that can solve anything you can throw at it for absolutely free!

Balkan Gaming Server, uživajte u gamingu sa svojim prijateljima! Igrajte, slušajte pjesme i chattajte!

chill community that promotes other streamers and allows people to find others to play games with, lots of extra activities

Server made for fun Many bots to play

Wir sind ein derzeit noch kleiner Clan und Community Server. Wir vertreten so gut wie jedes Spiel, z.b. R6, VRChat, Warframe, Apex, ARK, GTA 5, Osu! und vieles mehr.

you can chat with other people from even other countries, i've already got some from uk, mexico, and even indonesia ! join link: https://discord.gg/3JWa7QkWRp

SR Music server for everyone who enjoys making or listening to lofi, drill, trap music etc etc. Looking forward to having you here!

This server is the place for Artists to hangout and enjoy the Gallery of Art. We don't just chat and chill but we also have numerous event like Art of the Month, Artist shoutout, Gallery, and Hall of Fame. So This server has just about everything.

An anime, gaming, and memes server