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We are trying to build a community of various researchers to create a healthy environment to communicate, learn and maybe work with each other to discover something new. If you are interested or involved with researching come to join us.

A Server where we conduct Matches, Giveaways and lot more

A Overall very chill discord server, with honestly no rules. Just no NSFW, and No Beefing.

A Server Where Any Guy Can Become My Simp And Worship Me uwu ❤ (This Is A Selling Server, Meaning It's p2p.) I want you to cum for me daddy ❤

This my escape the night and if you want to sign up here's the link to my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4q67EESxcKImG8O__egRSQ this is for fun and not to cause drama, i hope you subscribe and watch all my video's! I do game nights and other

Hi in diesem Server ist es dir möglich mit deinen Freunden zusammen zu spielen was ihr wollt wir haben sehr viele Spiele und können auf Wunsch von euch auch noch mehr hinzufügen.

A social and welcoming community.

A fellow fantasy literate roleplaying server/community welcoming new people. (16+)

Welcome to Internet Family! The ultimate server for all your chatting needs. Here at The Internet Family Discord Server we focus on making sure everyone has a friend to lean on and a place to vent to. ♡︎ Join us for an awesome time with your new friends.

for people who play Pokémon go in Toronto (what else did you expect)

Le MEILLEUR serveur Among Us Français ! Une communauté active et des modérateurs d'enfer ! De l'animations et des youtubeurs connus !

Join our Discord group to learn how you can purchase products from Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy and much more and RESELL them for a PROFIT.

This is a community server, with incredibly active VCs. Feel free to join and just chat in the VC's. Swearing is common here, but other than that this is not an NSFW server.

A very interesting server where u can have lots of fun and there is no capitalism and no harsh rules so come and do whatever u want with ur friends and just have fun #havefun #inviteurfrineds #norules

🏎 A gaming server bringing together Forza Horizon 4 & Rocket League players to be active in all aspects of the game