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a Honkai Impact 3rd Global EU (+Others) / Genshin Impact / Punishing Gray Raven / Arknights / Fate Grand Order US Server

A brand new server ran by two people, one who has modded cars for GTA V to trade or sell, most likely to trade. We would like to get more people into this server to help us grow.

Um servidor pequeno, perfeito para você que quer se sentir em uma comunidade. Nós possuimos diversos bots para que se divirta, venha fazer parte de nossa familia!

We started doing random youtube videos and now i wanna grow own Discord Community. In this server you can find new friends and teammates. We would be happy if you join OUR server. If you can please Join and help grow us good gaming/youtube community.

Come hang out with us in Megumin's Dungeon! A verified server where anyone and everyone is welcome!

A server with a bunch of Harry Styles stans

A place where you can connect with Editors & Designers.

┍━━━━ ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ━━━━┑ ₩ҤλŦ ŦҤE ҤEŁŁ! ┕━━━━ ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ━━━━┙ — ˗ˋ ୨୧ ˊ˗ —_— ˗ˋ ୨୧ ˊ˗ — ୨୧ we invite you to ☾₩ҤλŦ ŦҤE ҤEŁŁ!☽ orange_heart ~ ✦ ╮. . . ⇢ ˗ˏˋ looking for some place you can chill and make cool friends at? yep,

Welcome to WrestleChat! we are a fun server to talk about wrestling and to chill out and make friends and one of the best out there. join us, chat more, rank up, unlock new stuff, win predictions, win titles and have fun!

This is a small community statred by teens for teens, u can come here to have fun,chat and chill...we also offer many bots like Dank, OWO, and some NSFW bots too..so come here and help us build the community!!!

A perfect place to chill and make friends; a welcoming community for anyone to join. We're growing and hoping to find a few new members. Hope you come check us out!!

We welcome you to a Brand new Server We have bots such as Pokemeow,Anigame, Ramen, Dank meme bot, Tatsu, and more Its still a work in progress so y'all are going to need to give suggestions if you have any in the chat

a server dedicated to the wonderverse from Piercing The Heavens on Fimfiction :)

➳༻❀☕❀༺➳ Chill sever for gaming, studying and socializing! Lgbtq+ friendly ! - Brand new server!! - 16+ server! - Self roles! - Dark academic themed! - Voice chats & matchmaking events ➳༻❀☕❀༺➳

We are a community and gaming server.We accept every music choice and have cool bots