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ayo, dex here. thissa chill ass chat . bare minimum rules jus dont piss me off. semi toxic, roast whoever, if u a crybaby dnt come. oh yea nd i do wake n bake VCs in the mornings. 😝

new chill and friendly gaming server

Hip Hop/Rap Server

Shockwave Gaming is a super cool server that includes active VCs, gaming chats, and a great moderation team. Join the community today!

Hello! This server is made for littles and caregivers to hang out! This server has people of all types ! Its a great place to meet friends or even your own little or caregiver! I hope to see to there.

οΌŠβœΏβ€ ArtistHub β€βœΏοΌŠ Artists unite! A server bringing together different kinds of artists, designers and musicans! «────── Β« β‹…Κšβ™‘Ιžβ‹… Β» ──────» Channels, and roles for all types of art! Roles you can assign yourself! Being Active Gives you higher roles!

This server is free for anyone to promote anything they want. 😊 🎌 < The server includes these promotion channels > 🎌 - Music 🎡 - Discord Server πŸ‘Ύ - Youtube ▢️ - Instagram πŸ“Έ - Twitter 🐦 - Twitch πŸ’œ - Sub4Sub πŸ”” - NSFW πŸ”ž

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Looking for a server about the CW show Legacies? Then the Official r/Legacies discord server might be the place for you.

⊢⊢⊢ What is this server about? ⊢⊢⊢ ೋღ This is a roleplay server/"fan-cafe" where you can interact with "BTS" who are played by a few people. You can go by a fake name and make your own OC (Original Character) to speak to others or just be yourself.

I ask that if you join, please just try to be a decent person. This is supposed to be a place people want to be in. I want this server to be an awesome place where you can be yourself and talk about whatever you want.

We are a small group of friends looking to expand and build a close community. We are constantly Voice Calling! We often message and try to build relationships with our new members as well! πŸ’• We would love to see you in our server ! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

Welcome to the Gridlock Server We are a Ethereum wallet with a friendly and helpful discord community server dedicated to discussing Crypto & NFTs.

C*m be a part of something greater! Spread the Glory of the C*m empire! Rise the ranks, bring your friends, have a good time!