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Brand new MHA server, looking for staff and people to roleplay! OC RP, extremely friendly.

This is a small server that I dont expect to be very big i just want it as like a little hang out server. We have voice chat rooms music bots and gaming channels. If you join you can make suggestions or even apply for mod by dming me.

A Discord server for swingers in the Minnesota area. Must be 21+. No exceptions.

Aqua's Avenue is inspired by Aqua from Konosuba, which mostly revolves around the bot Karuta.

》AniGaming《 AniGaming ist ein neuer Deutscher Anime/Gaming Server im Aufbau! Ziel ist es eine große deutsche Community zu bilden :3

A friendly and safe place for anyone to meet new people! LGBTQ+ related and involves many activities such as gaming, art, music, and much more!

This is a call of duty server mainly for call of duty: cold war. The main purpose is to play online with others.

A server with music bots, voice channels and we're hoping that you join us in order to become a bigger server with more active users.

Free Reselling Server, Teaching Internet Money.

Join our discord full of nice people from all around the world and participate in free giveaways. Giveaways happen every week to a few weeks (around 3 max). Prizes always will be 2500 robux.

Welcome to Corudeen! A growing world full of action, leisure, and adventure! Filled with a small but outgoing community we are wanting to grow our number and to create wonderful stories!

Come have fun and game, only two of us here right now so pretty quiet. Play among us, phasophobia etc

An Ingush community server, primarily focused on learning about our lost history, including our beautiful culture and unique language. Vezan - Däla, yoaxaye Ġalġayçe!

Just a group of friends trying to build a community!!! If youre willing to join and talk about and become friends come by!!! And we want to be a source for you to be able to meet fantastic people!! We stream so you can come vibe with us

A community server with a wide spectrum of activities and interests. A cosy place, not overcrowded. For all those who like to make friends, who are creative, good readers, good listeners, good talkers and good visual storytellers.

we are a gfx server with a custom bot! you can hangout, play roblox and do more here! :)