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BBG Community is a worldwide discordserver where you can chat 24/7 about anything. We have different channels with particular interests and ofcourse a general chat. Make new friends and memories and enjoy ur stay at BBG Community!

Our server Homie$ is kid-friendly with active members and really fun! Its full of so many events and so much more for all! Hope you can join and have fun too!

A discord server with set roles and channels. Come in and chill with friends in designated VCs and text channels.

Traditional Christian server with a focus on metal music. All people are welcome, so long as you respect and honor the server rules and Discord TOS. ~ Admin of Deus | Metallum, Nocturnal Servant/Transcension

Established in 2021, this server was created to give a stronger connection between MJJBreaker and his viewers. Every Michael Jackson fan is welcomed!

Do anything you want, Hang out, School, Gaming, Music, Movies, Culinary and more!!

Do you like Kpop? Do you like to play video games? Well K-Dream is the server for you! Focusing on play, listen and hear are at the k-Dream founding principals. Um I guess

Hallo und willkommen auf unseren BTD 6 Discord Server.

Deutscher Aktiver Community Server

Hey! I'm Ike Solace! I'm a Leftist Political Streamer. My goal is to create an active community full of robust and diverse personalities. Our community is inclusive of everyone and we don’t tolerate bullying or harassment. Swing by and say hi 😊

Do you want a writing community that isn't clique-y? Gets you involved? Do you want a place where you can get help, promote yourself, share your work, get feedback and mingle with writers of all genres? Then scroll no further, you have found said place!

This is a good vibe server, any game is supported but main games will include Minecraft, Valorant, Apex legends, and Terraria!

Serveur français et minecraft sur le thème des apocalypses, il s'agit d'un Semi-RP proche du Rp, n'hésitez pas à venir voir :)

The bestest server ever

Small but fun and welcoming community and mental health server with a cute bakery/café aesthetic. The Baking Spot is the optimal place for people who want to make friends, have fun, learn more about mental health, and support each other.