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Gothic Themed Discord Server 🧧!

Seeking a server where u could make friends? Cloud Café is just what u need!! There's always someone there to welcome you and you'll be able to meet new people. We have a variety of chats and we're always up for any suggestions. join now!

Friendly and all-welcoming community!

https://tinychat.com/technowitches ___ our main webcam chatroom conversational hangout : Aliens , Sex , Dreams , Tarot , Astrology , and Bitcoin

Welcome to Vandlop! Here you can find new friends, chat, and have a great experience on Discord!

Welcome to The Gaming Hut! This is a server for people who enjoy gaming with a relaxed community that's all about having fun!

This is a small server with a nice community of people. Come hang out, make friends, and play video games.

Brand New Server! Preferably 18+. ༓ ・ ˚⁺‧͙ ✦ . A pocket dimension where lonely souls can go to rest . ✦ ‧͙⁺˚ ・ ༓

We are a active growing community with a variety of bots and we help you to write code/viruses.

🌎A community with the goal to teach you about trading stocks. 📈 👽 Join now!

milf mansion!! a roblox server for teens, make friends, play games, watch movies.

Hello, here we are about SCP games on the web and if you would like to join you will meet other people with the same internists and more here you can talk about more in general wich will be for off topic things.

Hey guys I'm Gravidon! Join my Discord Server to connect with a community of cool peeps and stay notified on important updates for all of my creative ventures (twitch streams, community events, music production, giveaways, etc).

A book club/community server for people practicing and learning about witchcraft of all kinds. 16+. LGBTQ+ friendly. Equal parts silly and serious. (Maybe a bit more silly...)

We are just a group of friends that hang out and play video games together.

We do videochat parties 24/7, nothing else. 2~20 people in each. We're about fun, friendship and collaboration. Often, it's like a party with several rooms open at any time, day or night! RULES: Face on cam Adults only (18+) Good sound