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Hello, this is your beloved airport announcer. Welcome to Airport Agency. We are a airport-theme server in Discord

The PLAAF is the GeoFS air force that protects the skies of China. Enlist today or read the long descrip for more information. Don't what to enlist? then become a civilian worker in base roleplay.

Welcome to Pineapple Squad! A gamer's server! Find other gamers to play with! Promote your YouTube and Twitch channel!

This server is all about gaming and friends who wanna team up gaming in every aspect

server made for gaming anime and computer enthusiast

Our community is looking for international friends who can invite to Mesprit/Uxie in return for Azelf Also. Anyone who can invite Azelf is welcome to join.

Adventurous like-minded players! This server is one meant for mature and high-quality peoples such as you! Looking forward to seeing ya!

We are a group of individual that just like to socialize while playing games. We sometimes stream our antics on Twitch and it is in the planning to create a Facebook group, Twitter account and a YouTube channel.

Weebs R Us is a server for people to hang out. You can chat, call, and stream. There are 51 custom colors and some bots to have fun. There are not many members as of right now but I hope it can grow :D

For meeting new people and socializing through a wide range of topics and discussions. (NO NSFW)

A nice calm server of gamers to hang out.

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a really chill server to talk to people, listen to music, play games and more! SERVER JUST GOT RENAVATED COME JOIN!!!

Hey do you want to be cool? yes? well don't worry just join the cool server! this discord server will give you benefits such as talks to cool people memes and much more so come on in and join

This server is for people who loves to play games, relax and more. Come join us NOW!!

A cool fun community based group, full of fun activities and looking to grow as much as possible! wanna help?