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The ultimate server for anyone looking to find people to game with, people to talk with and make friends, and post E none stop!

Watch & Talk about Anime! Talk about and play Games! Have fun role-playing! (There are also NSFW) Come show off your doodles! Send dem pics of your pets ;)

As you venture further into the jungle, you finally find it: The Forgotten Shrine!

The best sports server on discord

Hang out with BeastGavitron and his Community! Talk to him in streams as well! You can talk and hang out in vc or tc's!

Free and premium day trading alerts. Like minded individuals with a focus on education and performance.

Cracker Connect (trademark pending) is a server where you can connect with fellow crackers. Whether you're chilling on minecraft with the boys, or furiously slamming your semicolon key while writing c++, you are more than welcome here.

We are a server mainly focused on the Transgender portion of the LGBTQ+ however, we are very open and supportive of all people! We have tons of chats for you to explore and hang out in if you're looking for that sweet break from the real world!!

A gaming guild looking for a new game to play! We hang out/chill often, playing (MMO)RPG games, FPS games, Roblox games, and team fight games.

A brand new, yet tight, community looking to play games together and make content. Next up: Podcasts and Twitch Streaming

A server for fat and inflation aswell as for furries

Welcoming and friendly server hoping for more members!!

Are you searching for an place to promote your YouTube, Tiktok, Discord Server, Stream? Are you looking for staff or partners? Come join us! We have tons of channels designated for promotion and advertising.

Welcome to the Critical Hub! A place where fans of all video games can mingle and meet others and enjoy streams from your host with the biggest afor, CritStatus!

Welcome to shawarma squad! A chilled out ireligious server for people to make friends and hangout.