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The official Hyper-X Minecraft Server. Play MegaSurvival / Skyblock / BedWars / SkyWars. (BEDROCK SERVER)

Paranormal and Gaming Community

Tabletop RPG gaming discord featuring DnD, Pathfinder, Starfinder, Shadowrun, Ironclaw and Organized Play for Paizo and WOTC

Wild Rift EU for Wild Rift players in the EU

A fun community to make friends.

The official Discord jawn for Philadelphia! Come join an awesome community that hosts multiple events every week -- Board Games, Happy Hours, Movie Night, and more!

Hey everybody this is my youtube community server come join me and some of my friends

Der Discord der Pantholiten Community. Wir sind eine offene Community für alle möglichen Spiele. Der Schwerpunkt liegt allerdings auf Minecraft!

This is a game server for all your games, try to find your new mate that would like to play with you! Also later on we wanna do some nice giveaways so stay tuned! See you all in the server !

Unofficial VATSIM Club is for beginner-advanced pilots and air traffic controllers. We have group flights, pilot training, ATC training and much more. We also have giveaways and aviation quizzes!

We are a small group of mates wanting to grow larger and get to know others and chill with

A server for people who like making friends/meeting new people

Welcome to the K-pop Cafe! we are a chill pretty non toxic kpop server that is very accepting of everyone.We have multiple different fandoms here and talk about many kpop related things. We have very kind mods who will help you Come and join

Are server is small and chill we are here to make a safe and chill atmosphere! So please join and we will give you a special role!