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Our goal is to build a server full of gamers who can actively exchange and share their experiences, no matter what platform, no matter what game.

• Unlock camos / blue prints  • Cold War level 1000 / Dark Aether  • Free Cold War tool on the making coming soon!

A warm, friendly and wholesome community focused on improving mental health. Meet new people, express your feelings and feel cozy in a judge-free fully accepting environment.

▒┊▒┊▒┊▒┊▒┊▒┊▒┊▒ │Greetings mortal! │Wanna find new friends? │Wanna have fun and play some │games? You're then welcomed │to our server, where we play │games, have fun, chill and have │a great time with each other. ▒┊▒┊▒┊▒┊▒┊▒┊▒┊▒

We are a very chill but not very big (yet) community for gamers. We allow almost everything. We have memes, games, chatting, NSFW and we are very open to suggestion.

The server is created for all potterheads. You can talk about Harry Potter theories, topics, movies, books... You can also talk about Wattpad and reality shifting! Read the discription to be a part of this community! (we are looking for staff members)

Willkommen auf unserem Discord Server! Hier werden viele Minecraft Projekte mit Hilfe der Community stattfinden.

Active community for the Roblox based RPG Game “Shindo Life”

A fun friendly server where Miracles happen. Make long lasting friends in a safe, healthy, happy space where you can vibe with new peeps. Join now! Come on it will be fun.


Charmed, I'm sure ♥ | Your server for Everything Ahri. Official companion to r/Ahrism

Discuss Rockhounding, Lapidary, Fossicking, and all things inbetween! New server, growing its wings!

The alienverse discord server was something i created for all the fans of the beloved alienverse.

Hi! This server is an anime, gaming server! Our main focus is making our members feel well. We do anime streams, game nights, give aways, and even GAMING TOURAMENTS! Hope you enjoy and remember... make the best out of yourself!

Wir sind eine Gruppe die für andere Events plant, Discordserver erstellt und einrichtet uvm.

• Chceš zažít zabavu ve světě naruta ? Líbí se ti nějaký character a chtěl by jsi zkusit si za něj zahrát a ponořit se do světa dobrodružství? Přidej se k nám!