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Gaming, giveaways, social, friendly.

Free self promo and advertising Discord with friendly staff, giveaways, partnership opportunities, growth tools and resources, and more. If you're looking to build a social media presence, this is the Discord to start.

Hello! This is our calm server, welcoming most everyone! This server is mainly for fun and meeting/talking to new people. This server has a few fun bots that include fun games! Thank you, and have a good day!

A chill server made simply for discussing anime, manga, games, and history. Also a place to play games especially Genshin Impact and Among Us. This is a safe place for LGBTQ+ and POC.

A server dedicated to TXT! Join to have some fun with Moa's and K-Pop stans all around the world! <3

Greetings everyone, and welcome to The Modern World Of Analor, a designated roleplay and hangout server for many people. The world of Analor is home of many races many can be found across the world and often in cities.

Hi, welcome to Smelly Paradise! I'm trying to create a laid back place, where there isn't tons of rules of harsh "Discord Admins" scoffing down your throat threatening to dish out punishment like they haven't had a shred of power in their life.

Natsukashii is around for the sole purpose of being a chill, fun server! We have a wide variety of members and things to do- so come have fun !! (〃^▽^〃)

An official ThisGalaxyCat's Discord server

Want a place to make friends and chill? Universe is all about that! Connect with friends, make new ones and have a fun time! - We have many nitro giveaways, and more to come! - Custom coded moderation bot - Blazing fast staff team - Active community

I have an anime styled rythm game currently in development. you could make your own character and make ur own song.

Belko Media is a small local NewZealand plex media server

A place where everyone is welcomed. We discuss all anime and manga's plus everything else without judging and wanting to help people

*✿❀❀✿* : ✧・゚:join cinnamontea:・゚✧: *✿❀❀✿*

Our server HermesCraft is releasing soon. It is a skyblock server and have alot of custom plugins. Join discord server to stay tuned for release and you can also start getting rewards if you invite people to the discord server.

This Discord server is for Gnomish89's Youtube channel! Hang out, play Minecraft, Among Us together and win Giveaways and Shout-outs in one of his Youtube videos!