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Here we will be sharing the truths of what is really happening in this world, some people might say it's just conspiracy theories but that will be left for you to decide.

We are a brand new Alliance Server for Sea of Thieves and We would like yall to join us for a fun new adventure with new features comming soon.Come and sail for Legendary Treasures.

A server full of many different bots and members that are active and ready to talk to you about whatever’s on your mind

I'm a streamer so I thought I'd create a Discord to keep my followers updated but also provide a place for everyone to chat, post clips and memes or even ask for tech help. It's a small community, but a welcoming one!

Hey , do you wanna earn some easy money? Our team working in crypto , csgo , etc industry . Interested? Join us , We will teach you. (No investments needed,free schedule)

Welcome! I shall briefly explain what we are! We are a team of people who find MAPS, Zoos, Racists, Homophobes, etc and report these bad people. We also have an awesome role bot, a music bot, and a welcoming community of people who are great to talk to!

We are an active server with almost 1,200 members. We our an active community with loads of giveaways and events coming soon.

Team AxEd Is Recruiting! We are Team AxEd, an uprising gaming organization with over 100+ members

Love seeing women getting massaged?

What is fscoiety crackers ? Fscoiety cracker a coding hacking and cracking community. If you need help with your code or if you want crack a app just come here.

A tight-knit community for chatting, no matter how weird the topic! All are welcome. Feel the love down at Chatcave!

We are LoneStar Trading and we want to invite you to our group to come trade and to come make some money! We make call outs, give advice and teach people the ropes of trading stocks!

If you ever just want a place to chill, chill hangout is the place for you. We are a pretty new server with a lot of fun to offer. We have many great bots and a really fun and welcoming community. We also offer nsfw and vc's. We are open for partnerships

The Alleycat Lounge is a fresh and classy place for adult furs and non-furs to enjoy a mature community and a classy environment. Share, Laugh, and play with all the friends you'll make here. Enjoy movie nights and games!

A discord server for anime fans.


Gaming, giveaways, social, friendly.