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It's an Entry Point sever but for people who think 9mm rounds are cringe and .45 ACP is the best pistol/submachine gun caliber.

A chilled place to talk and chat with a few people in many channels!

Join Rissa's Axolotl Army to talk to new people, play games with, find new content creators and make friends!

Hey! R1ZE is an upcoming Comp/Freestyling team that consistently uploads on all our socials. We got amazing members trying to push out clips on our SOCIALS every day.

Toon Nation is the Best place for you to Download Cartoons, Anime and Live Action Series and Movies in Hindi.

Dieser Server dient als ein inoffizielles Kennenlern- sowie Gruppenarbeits-Zentrum fรผr die Studenten der Ruhrakademie Schwerte. ๐Ÿ“š

Join our Pokemon server and catch all the Pokemon you want, you can apply for MOD by just checking the commands on our bot.

Just Chill and play! We can provide good stuff. Have a good laugh and chill.

A brand new, unique e/rp server with lots to offer. Seeking active members to join us in our journey.

โ˜• Conheรงa a Cafeteria Japa! โ˜• Temos โ˜• Chats especรญficos para cada comunidade โ˜• Bots para entretenimento โ˜• Moderaรงรฃo 24/7 โ˜• Suporte para atender os membros โ˜• Diversas calls โ˜• Monarquia de cargos Gostou? Venha Conhecer!

brand new server! โ™ก gaming, chat, meme and music channels! (sfw) โ™ก age verification to access NSFW channels โ™ก looking for staff โ™ก lgbt+, kink, and sfw friendly

A friendly and safe place for anyone to meet new people! LGBTQ+ related and involves many activities such as gaming, art, music, and much more!

InstaPod is a way to organically grow your Instagram account.

We are a chill server that can play, chat, and help you anything within our power. We look forward playing with you, were also LGBTQ+ and racist free server.