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an online content house for farters and their fans - we have react roles and chat, game, and jerk categories

Gigachad intellectual den for business, fitness, politics, economics, video games, and dope music. A general mixer/casual discussion for gentlemen and ladies alike. Join today!

Chill server for talking, hanging out, and games.

Welcome to the LR Gaming Community! 18+ you can meet new friends play games (all gaming platforms) connect with likeminded people and have fun. We are a upcoming discord server looking to expand!

This is for a gmod darkrp server

Welcome to the hall of warriors, join us in Valhalla. Here we relax and bathe in all the wine our blood can handle. 18+ with public and private chats to satisfy all your desires.

This server is for teenage dating (13-19) want to get matched with new people then join this server!!!

We are a starting group, hoping to start a Software & GameDev company by 2022.

In the High Realm of Shitposts, we offer the dankest of memes. Most of the time anyways LOL. We are a growing community server that is looking for active Discordians like YOU! Join over three hundred other users in making our server one of the dankest!!

Hello guys, my names TheDefaultPro, this is my first discord server I ever created! Come on and join!

A server that is about playing any type of game and finding others that enjoy the same games as you.

:) discord server


general gaming, hang out, anime server :)) meet frens and stuff. talk about anime, manga, webtoons, etc.

Coming from the owner(s) of developer retail Developer retail is a server server where you hire devs for your roblox developer team, we have the following roles scripter, builder, vfx artist, gfx artist and much more.

We are a community and we stream sometimes.

Do you struggle with homework? Do you fail quizzes a lot? Are you running out of motivation? We offer help! Homework Help is a server that offers help to people who struggle with not just homework! We can help with essays,quizzes and etc. Join now!

Among Us Server come Join!