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A universe where you can be who you want to be.

This server includes different ways to have fun, Such as looking for friendly gamers for different games, events, self roles, and thousands of bot commands. We have a non toxic community for any color of skin, any sexuality, and 13+ of the age.

Welcome to the Admix game dev community! This server is a place for you to share, chat, and collaborate in making awesome games with awesome people. Get stuck in!

This server was made for fans of anime, This server has Series Rating so you can see what others think about it as well as add your own Rating. We also sometimes do giveaways. we have channels for the different anime’s types.

supernova is a server created to make friends and gain support. it is a safe-place for anyone as all homophobia, racism, sexism, transphobia, etc is not tolerated. we can't wait to have you!

A growing furry community who would love to accept new members! Come swing around and engage in the community! We hope to meet you there 🌾

Official Mark Sixma Discord Channel

We are a nation rp server we have a custom map you can create you own races and religion and nation

Come join us in our growing server and help us create a toxic-free community

A fun place to join in and listen to the making of our Podcast! Come chat and have fun!

A server were the Weelum's channel community can meet and chat. With respect, memes and fun :)

Late night voice chat calls and weekly events(games, movies). 18+

Friendly, Fun Gamers - Looking To Populate A Well Ran Server

Hello! I'm a goose that bullies children on a block game for content! I also give out rank upgrade, discord nitros, and client cosmetics on my streams!

Like Mindhunter? Want to make friends? Stop by & say hello!

A welcoming, non-toxic community, we just chill and vibe :) no hate speech or harrassment tolerated, LGBTQ+ positive, fast responses from staff should you have an questions or worries. We just want everyone to feel safe and have fun ٩(◕‿◕。)۶