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👳🏾‍♂️Hello Friend!! We are THE WHITE GRIP. We are set of Ethical Hacking and CTF based team, who are joined together to guide,help and support one another in purpose of accomplishing a certain goal.

A modern warfare SMP. If you are interested or have any questions come ask! This server was created for a YT series/fun place for whoever joins. You can live however you want, it’s all up to you. 30 member limit 4gb RAM Modded

Small but cool server where you can share memes, chill chat and much more..Join us... https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/768880089260883968/883936374951116840/Mysterious.mp4

A place to make connections made by Sunyatta_ a soon-to-be twitch streamer looking to build a safe community!

The Kingdom of Hope; AKA Regnum Spes is a server dedicated to the protection of the women and the structure of the family before anyone else.

Tired of pay-to-win Minecraft servers that get boring after 30 minutes? Sick of unfriendly communities and unhelpful staff? Solve all of these problems and more by checking out the friendly community of the Advancius Network at the IP: mc.advancius.net

A community of people who are inspired to make a full time income from home and escape jobs they hate.

Ahoy there mate! Are you looking for a place to call a fellow crew? Well the you came to the right port...because we have many things to look forward to here.Are you strong enough to be a pirate? If you really are then join us!! The Phantom Raiders!!

Small server, but will expand progressively as more people will join. Play with each other in-game and make new friends. Everyone is invited!

• Welcome to The UwU Zone! <3 (16+)• ~We are a new wholesome and gaming, toxic free server! We have gaming channels, cool emotes, bots like unbalievaboat and poketwo, friendly staff and a variety of roles to choose from.

The Hangout. We are a new community server looking to become one of the biggest server out there. join us and help us on our mission

Welcome to Eorzea Multiverse, a gaming discord server! Our purpose is to help you make friends or potentially meet that special someone. We are recently established, growing rapidly, and have members across several games and platforms!

✨275+ Subscribers on YouTube✨ 🙂125+ members on Discord🙃 🙏Please support me🙏

Бета-тест умного дискорд сервера по игре Fortnite!