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Server for everyone.

D-Legio - сервер для игр, RP и отдыха

the ROBLOX PLAYER'S CLUB this server is made so we can play together, chat togather and etc *ROBLOX PLAYER'S CLUB

The Best Iranian Family 🤩

Welcome to the degenerate hub! This is primarily a server I made for my youtube subscribers but anyone is welcome!

Wir sind eine nette kleine Gemeinschaft, die jeden akzeptiert. Wir zocken gerne, hosten Server und machen auch Events. Es lohnt sich, mal vorbeizuschauen!

This is a fun car guy/girl server, where you can come to talk about cars and anything else really

We do videochat parties 24/7, nothing else. 2~20 people in each. We're about fun, friendship and collaboration. Often, it's like a party with several rooms open at any time, day or night! RULES: Face on cam Adults only (18+) Good sound

A fun place to make friends! ✨ ~ Events: Movie nights, VC, Giveaways, Games 🌘 ~ Emotes: memes, cute, aesthetics, etc. 🌙 ~ Venting, self-roles, 25+ different colors ✨ ~ Looking for Partnership Managers & Nitro Boosters (Boosters get special perks!!)

A Server about planes,cars,trains, and games

Join one of the best communities in terms of scripting for games like FiveM, DayZ, Rust and much more. All content is free and no sales of any kind are allowed. Enjoy and welcome

A place for people 16+ to be themselves

This is the place to get assistance with your code or just have a general discussion about programming.

We are a active growing community with a variety of bots and we help you to write code/viruses.

Fun place to make new friends and chat about anything and everything :)