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This server is for FIFA 21 Ultimate team players! Here we can play together, help eachother do objectives,talk and see the updates!

This is a RWBY roleplay server with its one story but still has some of the same characters from the show.

Anthologia is an upcoming skymine pvp server with plans to put a more original and unique twist on the SkyMine genre.

Math In Graphics is a server about graphical interpretations of mathematical objects such as fractals, cellular automata and related things.

It's a small community that will focus on having a lively friendly environment Hopefully we'll be able to accomplish just that

Looking to get some free robux? Join the server and check out the rbx.best site. We give the highest paying rates with a lot of giveaways/events/game nights with prizes of robux. The boost rewards are 100 robux each boost for now

this server is just a bunch of bored weirdo's talkin with each other lmao barely rules wich means that nsfw is allowed >:)

A shop were u can buy private cheats for all your favorite games no bans

This is a Discord server for a new Minecraft server and which you will get updates, announcements, fun prizes and special events that are happening on the Minecraft server It's free and anyone can join👍🏻🤙🏼

16+ server with friendly community! Gaming text and voice channels, seasonal activities with movie nights and giveaways. Cute emotes and active members!

This is a server mainly for the YouTube channel OCS but many people would just like to chill in this server too.

A wonderful community, fun games, friendly chats, server events & the Official discord server of Content Creator/GameDev StuxieDev.

En este pequeño servidor buscamos reunir a los fans de juegos clásicos como Pvz (1, 2 o cualquiera), Angry Birds y otros juegos

hello, we are a small server help us grow! mostly a apex legends server but we will be there for battlefield 2042 >:)

Join the cozy and inclusive Nintendo gaming server full of animal crossing and Zelda fun along with other games. Come meet a community of amazing and kind people and promote your own social media, art, and more. Also chat about so much in many channels

Versus Saloon est un serveur gaming français où vous pourrez discuter avec d'autres joueurs sur de nombreux jeux ( Apex, Fortnite, CoD, etc..) mais vous pourrez aussi discuter d'autres sujets (manga, films, musique, séries)