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For people who enjoy gaming together

New Minecraft network server looking to build a community and a following player base. We are a dedicate staff team looking to make your experience within Epic-Network the best one you can get.

We are Starting a small community which includes the largets platforms in the gaming world

Gaming server :)

It's like D&D.. but in discord! You can create your own characters and weapons! Takes place in modern time! (Mainly revolves around supernatural higher being such as demons and angels) Create your own race and have custom roles! (Templates are included)

A bunch of friends talking, we dont mind if you join, just trying to grow our server

I have recently made this server only a couple days ago with the help of my friend hayden. We are currently in search for more members !! although it is bakery themed, it can be considered a hangout server where different kinds of people come together.

We are a small rocket Leauge discord server looking for members!!

We are a fun community who talk about Animal Crossing and other games! We host daily giveaways and a treasure island

TWICE 트와이스 dedicated fan server, with live updates on when Twice upload, post and release music. Chat about Twice, meet other ONCE, share photo cards, listen to music and more.

This is a community for any and all people interested in computers and programming.


Server Velikog Kebe Krabe

Gaming Server with Rainbow Six Siege elements. It’s also a chill center where you can talk about anything. Roleplay and NSFW is there too just don’t go to crazy. Make sure you read the rules. We have Pokémon and Gambling bots in the server also!

Come and join Bernard — the true hero of Megamind.

Hello! We are a relaxed community where you can meet people and make new friends. We used to a Pokémon Go based server, but now we look forward to going beyond that!