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Hello! Welcome to our server. Join in our server with people just like you. People that likes studying, playing and chilling. We have players that you can play with and also dedicated students to help you with your studies. Kaya halina't sumali na kayo!

This server has been partnered by the official "Bobux creator group" This server has its premium stats, Feel free to let me know some bugs!

Small but cool server where you can share memes, chill chat and much more..Join us... https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/768880089260883968/883936374951116840/Mysterious.mp4

Classic Minecraft with Powerful Moderation and fun plugins to make the user experience more enjoyable! Our discord offers a fun community and also the IP for our server! Check it out!

A place to make connections made by Sunyatta_ a soon-to-be twitch streamer looking to build a safe community!

Gamers, content creators, and artist. (THG) has many channels for people to kick back and enjoy themselves!

Hi! Today we are publishing our brand new Community SMP-Server, and we are accepting only 18 more applications. Everyone is welcome so just fill up the Application =) Here's some additional information about the upcoming SMP: - Minimum age is 14+

EASY Company 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division is a multi gaming community.

The Kingdom of Hope; AKA Regnum Spes is a server dedicated to the protection of the women and the structure of the family before anyone else.

We are a chill community, filled with chaotic humans, Kpop addicts, Anime lovers, and delulu clowns basically. We are friendly so don't be afraid to approach us. We are NOT a roleplay server but we sort of have a server backstory thus it's queendom based.

Looking for a friendly, caring and funny gaming community? We are building it for you. Our Legendary Coach, Scott, will take you through his gaming journey on his weekly streams. Come have a look and chat with us! We hate drama, we prefer friendship!

πŸŸ₯🟨🟦 ━ Server oficial al comunitatii "Call of Duty Warzone" din Romania, serverul cu cei mai multi jucatori activi. Intra si tu !!!

We're looking for new members to join our server. - Small but growing community - Friends - Gaming - Vibing - Music - Fun - Movie nights - Inclusive and open to all If any of this interests you, please consider joining!!

Join the biggest Egg Club - Blue Chip NFTs giveaway, community wallet for all egg holders. World Eggs Club are giving away a BORED APE YACHT CLUB when they sold out 😍

First of all, a warm welcome to all of you on the server, where of course there is no hentai ...... *Automated NSFW Content, Channels, Memes and More

A small, inclusive community that's always looking forward to grow!