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Ultimate lounge is a small server with chill chatting and gaming stuff. You can -Chat -Post and or steal memes -Find a squad for a game -become an admin -Become god (Please note: We do not actually help in the act of becoming a literal god)

twitch.tv/adamixbox is a SCP-themed discord server for the twitch channel "adamixbox" that streams SCP: Secret Laboratory and SCP - Containment Breach.

Finding a chill community to __slack off, relax and hang out in__? If you are, **The Hydeout is the place to be!**

Are YOU looking for a fun and friendly Minecraft server to play on? Have you been searching for a new, awesome server with lots of potential? Well, we've got just the server for you! Thunder MC is a fun Minecraft server with plenty of potential and a v

A server where you can talk about gaming and other stuff! ­čÄ«

The first real rewards server.

The Cloud Rap God

Just count for no reason

- peaceful - be yo self - memes - 16+ - verification needed for 18+

Young royals discord server with a nice and chill climate where you can rant and talk about young royals

Hello we are a German / English support Team form a bot if you want to support the bot then joint on the Discord server Hallo wir sind ein Deutsches/Englisches Support Team von einem Bot wenn ihr den Bot unterst├╝tzen wollt dann Joint auf den Discord

Welcome To Constellation Network! We are a new network that has huge plans to expand in the future. We currently have a Garry's Mod Clone Wars RP Server in beta but will be opening a Modded Minecraft and Rust server soon! Stop by and check us out!

it is a easy money gaining app

We are an Indian Gaming/Game Talks Community and Our motive is to promote gaming world wide.

Welcome to our Mobile Legends server!