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Basically just a place for you to hang out, play games, and compete in our gym challenge. Just join and you can always leave after, and we always have active staff to help you!

VRTX Esports is a British Esports organization aiming to reach the highest of success levels.

This is an unofficial help server for the Discord platform and related.

The X Zone is an active, fast growing, friendly community that’s created & ran to provide our angels with the most fun, positive experience! Meet some new friends today!

We are strictly 18+ and aim to safely educate those interested in BDSM. We hold unique weekly educational kink events chosen by the community. From inexperienced to veteran practitioners, all are welcome here. We would love to have you.

Hallo, Mein Name ist Z-Development Ich bin Developer und würde mich sehr freuen, wenn du meiner Discord-Gruppe beitrittst.

Basically we are the monkes

corporation find out that Alec has built a machine that can take him into a new a parallel world. They go to where Alec lives and bashes down the door as the door collapses Alec jumps into the MDTM, the leader of the corporation army shouts weapons ready

We are a gaming team and community that welcomes all games and platforms. We are a family-friendly server and do not condone toxicity. You can join for the community or fill out a form to see if you have the requirements to join the team!

✔ Bunch of friends that game all the time ✔ Currently playing World of Warcraft and New World ✔ We write bots for World of Warcraft and create combat routines for them ✔ We've all known each other for a very long time and we're happy to meet you

A meme server for ENJOYERS not average fans...

🍥 For Anime, Art & Cosplay Lovers 🌺 Very Nice Aesthetic Layout 🍡 Cute Emotes and Giveaways 🧁 Reaction Roles and Polls 🌷 Boosting/Voting Perks 🍭 Mental Health Support 🍨 Active Moderators 🍑

Our objective is to be a common grounds for casual and competitive games. Bringing together the small community we have; having games and players searching to play throughout the day.

Just a no rules server created when my friend deleted his.

Join the new Radiohead server!

Equestrian Empire.... Click on us to find out more!