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Electricstick is a small youtuber hoping to make a community through discord, youtube, and roblox. He does giveaways every so often and loves talking to fans. Join today :)

Hey, Do YOU want Nitro? Well, SLEEPY NITRO is the place for you!! We have: Invite rewards Boost Rewards Partners Channel Community Channels Giveaways AND MUCH MORE We supply you with Nitro, Paypal $, Robux, GTA $ AND MUCH MUCH MORE!

🔥-If you like minecraft and nice people-🔥 ✔️-Minecraft survival-✔️ ✔️-Minecraft Smp-✔️ ✔️-Giveways-✔️ ✔️-Nice people-✔️ ✔️-Make friends-✔️ ✨JOIN✨

A great server where you can talk and have fun with others. We al play a game called Ark: Survival Evolved and we do events and giveaways frequently.

just chill and have fun

A small server of The Isle Players.

Welcome to shinedown, everyone is welcome to join, this is a fan server about a very large rock band by the name of Shinedown.

We're a community server ran by a streamer/artist

We need active members so come join us if you play on EUW server for League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker!

We are Starting a small community which includes the largets platforms in the gaming world

We invite you to Violet Lights, a NSFW and hentai based Discord community new to the scene, but quickly growing ! We are LGBTQ friendly and don't discriminate !

Were a new community server that went public lately and is still under heavy development but we want members to start joining! So thanks in advance if you join<33 We are also giving away nitro for one month at 75 members so join and invite your friends

A friendly community server just for vibing and making friends

Hello! We're a small multi-fandom server, made and run by just a bunch of teenagers looking to build a community. We try to make everyone feel welcomed lol-

Engage in our great sports community!