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Here is where you can vibe and chill with others , bring in some friends and users to grow the server , enjoy the server the why you like and the server is still small so we hope you can help us grow the server.

Only BOTS are allowed.

Hello! We are a new among us server and we are looking for new active members!

Hello there! First and foremost, thank you for taking time out of your day to read about us! We’re an organized community that looks to provide a friendly environment for everyone. We work diligently to provide a safe, and friendly environment for all

We are a new Star Wars discord server. We have fun emojis, roles, and bots. We also have a very nice discord server with just a few rules.

A small server that is right now in development and is gonna get better and we also have cool bots and giveaways

- Free private servers - Grinding - 10 tail grinds - Community helpers - Exams + More

A bunch of gamers, trying to make friends with other gamers, while playing against other gamers while playing games. :).;

someplace to hang out with friends and fans my YouTube is the server name

Want to make new friends? Help grow a community? Play games with people? Join Nova’s Lounge!

-Aesthetic -Chill -Non-Toxic -Make new friends -Safe -Venting area -Nice people

Konnichiwa! Welcome to Chiruanime. This server is a small community for people with one same interest, anime! Discuss anime, manga, subs and dubs. Chiruanime is a safe-space for all anime watchers to stay in, to chat, discuss and entertain.

Server for people, that are open for new relationships.

movie nights, game nights, chatting, anime, etc.

Always active and fun!

A Place to Find people of alphabet mafia (lgbtq) to hang out, and talk to :3