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Neon Sofa is a fun getaway from IRL, join and meet some new friends! ;)

♡ a lot of cute emotes ♡♡ SFW channels ♡ ♡ NSFW channels ♡ Self assignable roles ♡ ♡ nice people ♡ ♡ level up roles ♡ ♡ chill staff ♡

Hi, join to get High Quality Nudes every day. You won't regret anything and get what you expected. So what are you waiting for? Join now!

Welcome to our server! Here we play games, share memes and make new friends. We are primarily a gaming community but enjoy many other topics such as music, anime, and cars.

Hi all we r a furry and friendly community so head over here to our server,We have: °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° °Self-assigned Roles °Minecraft °Voice chats °Music °Art °Roleplay °Fun Bots °LGBT °Moderates °And plenty more coming~

{TW} This is only for baddies and people who can take jokes.

Hey! We are a Pubgmobile clan for everyone who likes to play the game! Join us and meet new friends to play with!

This RP server is a RP which takes place on the USS Constitution during the year 1812. Sail the seas and fight for America! Make new friends! And most importantly have fun!

were just chillin, vibin, meme'n, gamin, and all sorts of bull shatery in voice chat. join if you like, send us nudes if you don't.

This is a general get-together for people who enjoy the lewder things in life. Stop by! Say hi! Don't be shy, everyone enjoys lewd things now and again.

amazing fun evolved around what the community wants

Galactica We are a very small server Looking for staff We have a lot of channels Memes, discourse and art channels Lgbt + system inclusive Please join

YoohooRP is a friendly community for a Garry's Mod DarkRP server.

Welcome to a a fantasy role playing server When a god named Zerrafell created the world, he felt that one of his creations, Humans were terrible. He decided to create a new world,a world without limits! You can be anything you can think of!