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Welcome to Orichalos, A new server focused on game jams and programming, You will be notified by our mods for the most current game jams, You can find a team to work with and improve yourself Artists are welcomed too!

👉 A place for discord API enthusiasts who are creating 🎮 mmorpgs out of Discord servers and bots 🤖. A great place to find JS support, great design idea and a lot of hype for such projects !

Like Music? Like Gaming? Like Anime? PERFECT! That's what we like in the Groovy Kids server. We also have music creators and artists in the server! Come hang!

FPS - Destiny 2 Casual Clan Server (PC) - 420 friendly / 18+ please - Clanless? Don't be! - Jerks need not apply.

Welcome to the Fur Hangout! We have many kinds of fun activities such as a lot of bots, Gaming, Dedicated Rp, Music, React Roles. And all the good stuff~ We hope you join!~

• 24/7 Support • Learn To Model, Animate, Texture, and Render • Weekly Art Contests • Win Prizes • Critique and Feedback •

Here is the C E N T R A L P O I N T, where Server Owners, Partner Managers, and Members from all over Discord gather.

Hello there! Have you ever wanted to join a server with multiple topics? One that had gaming, coding and maybe some design! Well! You have come to the right place! Join "The Hub" today! A haven for developers and gamers alike!



The official /r/G59 Discord server. If you listen to $uicideboy$ or Ramirez come join.

We are a wonderful community of wonderful people, what more can I say?! We got the cool, the awesome, and the kind. Even our own bots. (The server owner is addicted to coding >.>)

Share, collaborate, and discuss your creative ideas, projects, and more.

Ashes of Creation Ranger Class Discord. This discord is to discuss & help each other out with Main Class Ranger & its 8 sub-classes.

crashz & MisterIO community server called CS:GO Generators. A server for members of our projects Crosshair Generator & Config Generator. The server is open to all members of our community.

Chromatic Clarity is a server dedicated to sharing music, including our original pieces, inspiring each other, and learning as much as we can about the medium of music. From underground to the top hits of today, we share and write it all.

We have some of the nicest, kindest, lovable members that there will ever be on discord! Join us for the time of your life! We have frequent events each week, including gaming nights, movie nights, anime nights, and the list just goes on! Join us now

A fun server filled with SPICY memes! We even have our own! Come join for fun chats, fun memes, fun streams....oh! And a TON of cat pictures. It's always a good time.