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A place where ppl can talk about what makes em happy. Music, video games, wrestling, art, anime, etc. Where we all can chill without negativity and can appreciate what each of us got 2 say. Thats the goal.

Welcome to Fearless Debates! Fearless Debates is a debating server where you can start arguments through voice and text channels. We have an active community of staff members to moderate the fights and arguments. This server prohibits all forms of racism

Zábavný malý server kde najdeš spoustu funkcí a všechno co potřebuješ k maximálnímu uspokojení :D (taky jsou tu roomky na garticphone.io)

You've been invited to Est Laeta! Latin for (she) "Is Happy". This is a non-toxic community server, (Ik very original). Jokes aside, this server feels like a home to many people and I hope you're able to make it your hope too!<3 Also!! lots of emojis^^


The best server for peace and quiet vibing~ join if you want. We really appreciate if you join because this is only a smol server and we're hoping we can get at least a couple hundred peeps.

EduVisa, a global community of students for students providing free tutoring and college help.

This is a small community server, that I just made public! It is called "syzyg", This "Aesthetic" server is run by me, a lazy highschool girl, with too much time on her hands. This server welcomes anyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, and age.

Mercari Sellers & Buyers Join!

We love helping and are mostly always on so come chill with us.

We have re-opened Hoarders of hats to the public! Your favorite channels should still be here! Hoarders of hats is a friendly and fun community , we hope to see you here soon.

This is a Dungeon Quest based server. Dungeon Quest is a roblox game!

We are a welcoming community that has a love for arts and games. There is tea-themed level roles and we have a range custom made emotes.

Hiiiii, I'm Reed, I'm an idiotic Witch with interests that want to be shared. If you like Witchcraft or p Spiritual healing, join the server! Fairly new to creating servers, so report any issue! Thank you! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

We are passionate about helping people come to figure out what they want in life, and we hope you'll join us and come to realize your desires.

Pokémon Café Mix Lounge is a server dedicated to the game of the same name. Additionally, we also support general Pokémon discussions and baking discussions c: We support a leveling system and we plan to have plenty of custom emotes!