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This is a group where we worship Doddies (Dogs) and send pics of our dogs so we can have happiness in life.

Welcome to Sweetener, a Ariana Grande server providing its members a chance to get to know each other along with many other great features!

This is a lgbtq and 420 friendly server

An 18+ Homestuck roleplaying server where you can play both Canon and OC characters.

Unlock channels, unlock roles, unlock gift boxes as you level up!

MLG discord server


Join A Community of 400+ members, Holding Tournaments, Watch-Along's & So Much More!

Gamers Unite is a server for gamers alike. At the moment, it is mostly directed to Fortnite STW but we are look to grow.

Come animal lovers!

Get Started With Proximity:

A fun BDSM server. Cum join the fun!

This is a place where we hang out, play games, and chill. We do argue sometimes, but only if somebody acts out. Most insults are just jokes and are not to be taken! Join if you want to have a good time while at the same time having a *SPICY* friend group!

G59 discord server


The official /r/G59 Discord server. If you listen to $uicideboy$ or Ramirez come join.

A little server where HOTS players can group up and play matches or other games together! (We play every weekend, day and night)

Buy or Sell anything you want! We charge no commission at all. We have trusted sellers if you are worried about being scammed.

Pokémon Discord Version is a new and very small Discord server for all things Pokémon! We hope you'll enjoy your time here and help us grow our tiny little community!