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Supportive of LGBTQ+, genders, ages, races, religion, etc. Community based. Family friendly. Growing. Non-toxic.

hi hi welcum to our vewy cwute server :3 join now we have alot of cute egirls and fembois uwu and you will like it alot!!!! its a free speech server with very lil rules also if you join you're a chad and god loves you :3 so pwease join us owo yus ;3

Welcome to Miami City RolePlay! Why should you join?? We have amazing staff, premium private servers, and we offer mod applications and job applications! Such as... ACTIVE -- S-R-T/Swat ACTIVE -- MCRP Police ACTIVE -- MCRP DOT

SMP Based Survival Server

This Is A Fun And Small Gaming Servers. We Feature Cool Ranks and Roles We also are looking for staff join the server and head to staff application to apply.

We're an LGBTQ+ friendly, mainly plant focused server. I hope you enjoy the time on our discord!

-NFT'S -FUN COMMUNITY -GIVEAWAYS What else could you ask for?

A discord server for players on Aether to chat, game together, and keep in touch while offline!

Talk about arknights, osu, anime stuffs You can give tip and tricks to other players A fun sever to have chit chat (Btw có tiếng việt, sever vn mà, ghi tiếng anh loè thiên hạ thôi )

Great place for slipknot fans! In this server we are talking about slipknot´s albums,members,songs,facts and more! FELL FREE TO JOIN!

a kingdom for the girls! <3

We are helping E-Girls getting bigger.

non-toxic server, not many rules, minecraft smp, fun server

Hello! Welcome to Sesh Inn (session) we are a community driven gaming server that promotes mental health and we support stoners! Please come join and hang out with us in voice or text chat. We'll see you there!

Zelion is a global operation community in startup. Just join, game and have fun with your friends or meet new ones!

For all fans of marz!