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LGBTQ+ (allies as well) and Underage Friendly video games server! we host several channels for different games new and old, as well as a general chat called Rainbow Road, chill chat, and more! we host jackbox game nights and more as well! come join us! :)

Hellish creatures roam the land, serial killers hidden within society, eldritch beings stalking the world. two factions stay standing, fighting one and another, breaking down their members, growing in size...Which faction would you choose?

A new chill space where experienced players can get together and stop playing solo, (or just hang out and chat, whichever you prefer). No toxicity and respect is given out always.

This server is intended for game developers, artists, 3D modelers and gamers. Use this server to find people wo want to collaborate on games or other projects.

a friendly server for you to rp in! We are pretty new so are goals are short. Atm we are currently hiring mods! You can be any gaming character!

Nudes of a very attractive female

Hey we are a eSPORTS clan's Discord Server Full Of Features and Friendly Peeps!! Give Us a Shot and join..!

Hi, gamer, Server Game Squad is created so that you make new friends, have fun on mini-games, listen to music. The server is Russian. There is a ranking system, many roles, text and voice channels.

We are a toxic free multi purpose community who has so much to offer! We welcome everyone with open arms and have so much to offer for everyone to have a great time!💕 Our server also caters itself to you, your likes and preferences.

we are Now recruiting Panda R us Logisticc's for drivers in ETS2 & ATS VTC Also, we are a new community of gamers who play various other games from mohaa to call of duty to wow Join and help us grow a gaming community

This server is for any Nintendo/gaming fan who would like to be a part of a new community. We’re also heavily based around art, as once we grow, we’d love to host art comps and provide a place for people to advertise, create, and sell commissions!

Streamers, Tubers, Gamers, and New Friends. Big Personalities, a place to open up, socialize, and feel a sense of community. Come connect and scan for new content with the creators!

We are struggling for members alot and we would appreciate if you joined it would mean alot to me and the others. You don't need cpo to join . Thanks.

Dołącz do oficjalnego serwera ScarFall Discord. i bądź na bieżąco z najnowszymi aktualizacjami, nowościami i funkcjami.

Hello!! Are you a Five Night’s at Freddy’s fan? Well I am!! So I created and inclusive fnaf server and it took a lot of effort We have: •a role for every animatronic + some extra characters •Specific channels for each character •We are LGBTQ+ safe!!