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Join our discord server we are a gaming discord server we play among us and we are also a game developer server as well we do nitro giveaways and we have both egirls and eguys! Our server is genuinely cool https://discord.gg/ExfCrSK

We are a fun awsome funtime discord server that does among us and we are open to mod applications

Waifu Bots, active chat, cuteness overload

We gamers man join and have a fun time

We made A Game About Literally Doing Your Taxes and Buddy Simulator 1984!

The ultimate pokemkn server, Like playing a proper pokemkn game.

This is a place to bring your friends and talk with new and interesting people for a while. Whether you just got off work, want to play a game with someone, or just want to chill for a bit and talk, you can come here.

- Fun Roles - Secure verify - Chat - Among us night's on Friday 6pm EDT (If not earlier) -Server status Count (More in the future)

Hello, my name is Filippa and this is my NSFW, join to get previews and buy some of my packages <3

This is a server for anyone that enjoys anything related to space. Not only that, but you can talk about gaming or anything unrelated. Some come on and join. Make sure you read the rules first though.

The Squiggles is a small all inclusive community. We welcome all people and are open to partnerships with other servers!

A small server looking for more people to play games with! Feel free to join :)

we chill and have fun ;) (we like when people raid our servers)

Malá CZ/SK komunita, kterou musíš okusit. Máme hodně čeho nabídnout.

We are a friendly gaming community that welcomes new gamers pro gamers or just anyone who wants to chill.

We're a super friendly server that does not accept trolling and many other things so that you feel comfortable!