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We're a super friendly server that does not accept trolling and many other things so that you feel comfortable!

We are a community themed around SCP's and the 05 Council. Join if you wish to become apart of our growing community and, if you follow our rules, you will be respected and seen as one of us.

It be like that sometimes

This is a chat for people to forget about the world and just have fun and meet new friends :)

A less edgy Shrek server, not just for Shrek though :D

Here at hanging with my homies weΒ  welcome new people. I'm trying to build this server from the ground up so Joining would support the program

General shitposting while also having nsfw content

An rp server loosely based on the tv series, β€œLegacies”. Anyone is welcome!

Zelion is a global operation community in startup. Just join, game and have fun with your friends or meet new ones!

Among Us Pros is for gamers who like to have lots of fun... Join are server today to make new friends and have a lifetime full of fun and excitement!!!

A new & fun Among Us discord server for gamers!

We are Wisteria! A small guild server welcoming anyone to come play games with us! ~ Invite Link: discord.gg/BBtsTFQ ~

Hi There! Blizzard Patrol Roleplay is a GTA 5 RP Server for PS4 I get it PS4 you cant have mods no FiveM But now we bring you a really professional roleplay server

The Metropolitan Club is a social & community server! Join today, and make friends and play games in our everyday hangout server!