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A place to share memes, promote your socials, and find find people to game with

This is a community devoted to creating healthier habits (movement, eating, sleeping) through mindfully checking in with our bodies.

This is an additional server, with Discord emotes, bot testing, sticker pack archive and Discord games.

On this server I stack your battle cats account with whatever you ask for.

Hello there! :) We're a new "Multi-Fandom" Discord Server

๑ 🍯 Seeking a Place to share your thoughts & Creations? Creative Thoughts all about Collaborating, Sharing, Conversation, and More! We have a wide variety of topics however we're always listening to Suggestions from the Community🥐🍞🥨🥞

Games, Memes, Suffering. And most importantly TonyMazda

Wir sind ein kleiner Server der gerne neue Leute kenn lern will und wachsen möchte

A server for ND people to discuss their experiences and lives, make friends, and have a safe space to just exist! We have pronouns roles and support neopronouns! Members must be 13+ and neurodivergent. SFW server. Rules in the long description.

A Fun and Gaming Oriented Server.

★ Friendly community ★ Chat and meet new people ★ Play Nintendo games with others ★ Share your art ★ Have a good time!

A Youtube server for Gamers

Search for parties, make new friends, join tournaments, plug your streams, and more! Come join us today c:

Haru 🌸 | Social & Anime Community In Haru you can meet new people and make new friends! The server has many fun and social commands that makes the server feel alive and welcoming. Some of the features are:

Games? Transformers? Robots? We got it! Come join us, we love meeting new people!

This discord server is a place to hangout, game and watch streams as well as participate in events held on Twisst event mc server. Events are held every so often and you can get prizes for winning as well.